Hanging in Layout 2021 MAC

I’m on an iMac 3.5 Ghz Intel i5, AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2GB. I’m 12 pages into a project and cannot revise most anything without the dreaded rainbow spinning wheel. I’ve had Apple check my processing and they say I have enough storage and horsepower to run. I can’t figure out why and more importantly how to work around the problem to finish my project. I’ve tried a few tips like shutting off the different layers except the one I’m working on. I’m hanging up because SU is Hanging up. Any ideas? BTW all the similar topics look to be out of date.

How big is the file in terms of faces and edges?

Is it uploadable here so that others can see if they can reproduce your problem?

I have started using Vector rendering only when I am exporting my LayOut pages to DWG, and Hybrid only in special cases. Otherwise I follow Nick Sonder’s advice and use Raster. Besides working faster in LayOut, the ability to use textures instead of geometry in my models makes them even faster to work with. Large textures can also cause model size bloat but when working, they are faster than geometry. When zooming or orbiting textures are processed by your graphics card while faces and edges must be squeezed through the single CPU thread that SketchUp uses.

a raster viewport is enough to get by, and if you stack a vector wireframe viewport on top with just the tags you are dimensioning or working with, you´ll mostly get by.

One thing I know of that can take a long time is the creation of the page thumbnails. A test you can try is to patiently go to each page, and when you get to the last one do a Save. Now see if you can get back to pages quicker.

its been a strangely rough few weeks on the Mac after Big Sur 11.2.1, but 11.2.2 that came yesterday did wonders all around, no more crashes and strange glitches in sketchup, so I’d update as soon as I could.

Lots of helpful Ideas here. My apologies. I had to go out just after I dropped the problem onto the forum. I’ll dive in and see what works. Hopefully. thanks all

Here is the dropbox link to the file. Too big to upload here.

Here are the # faces etc…

I updated my OS with 11.2.2 which just arrived yesterday. Same results. something curious, I’ve tested the file a couple of times and it allows a first change or adjustment. Then when I do some additional adjustment, the second one causes the hang up. Not sure if it’s coincidental or ???

All was fine until I tried navigating from page 3 to page 4. Then beachball of death. Layout Not Responding. Could be more of a problem with what you have imported into LO than with the SU file itself.

Freezes on Windows at the same point as with @simoncbevans

All the content in the file is copy/pasted. That might be one root of the problem. It creates links to temporary files that go missing. Send to LayOut or file>Insert… is the correct way to bring content into LayOut.

I try not to CopyPaste for this work but could be. I’ll explore that. Thanks for the hunting.

GENTLEMEN! I found what was causing the problem!! I started by copying and pasting one page at a time into a fresh LO file. Every time I got to Page 4 I couldn’t even get it to open. I went back to an older version of the file and realized one difference was a #@%^&%# Hedge/bush that I imported from 3D Warehouse. I deleted the Hedge in the SU file and lo and behold the LO file zipped around to every page. Thanks for the suggestions because while hunting for screen shots I discovered the problem. Thanks - it takes a village. Or as my wife says It sometimes takes a village idiot. Cheers

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The hedge could have contributed to the thumbnail issue I mentioned. Do you remember which 3D Warehouse hedge it was?

This was the culprit. As an aside the SU and LO files are working perfectly and I feel the 2021 version is extremely fast.

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I am very easily able to make a file using that bamboo, that is very hard to open on desktop, and even crashes the mobile app.

Here is a somewhat optimized version, if you would like to try it.

BambooOptimized.skp (1.2 MB)

I made a 2D Face Me version.Black Bamboo.skp (682.9 KB)