Layout hanging when switching viewports from raster to vector since updating to macOS Monterey 12.6

Since updating to macOS Monterey Version 12.6 on Monday 9/19, I’ve been unable to use Layout. Rebuilt model tag by tag, purging components to reduce model size/complexity and creating new Layout file to no avail.

This seems like a graphics card issue, perhaps a setting changed (or reset) in the MacOS update, because this trouble began with the update. Apple tech support doesn’t have any wisdom.

Anyone else having problems with this?

I’ve performed a clean install of SketchUp 2022 this morning at the suggestion of tech support and rebuilt the model and created a new Layout file. It’s the viewport conversion from raster to vector that is the problem. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing?

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got and try it on a different machine?