Layout mess

Hi there,

my blood is boiling…layout is total mess.
I have upgrade to a new Skecthup Pro2020 20.1.228, I have also upgrade to macOS Catalina 10.15.4 and layout is a mess.

  • when I change the view from raster to hybrid the sketchup lines separates from its faces, lines become closer to the screen and faces stays whey they were…so it obviously destroy the geometry…
  • when using vector look, its impossible to use dimension tool…raster look rather ridiculous (like Mario cart from the 90’)
  • I can not flick the pages in the pages dialog (like I want my current page number 4 to be number 2, etc) it just does nothing
  • when I want to change the sketchup model scene in layout (that I have previously saved in sketchup) layout does not reflect that, it just does nothing (even whey I update model reference or reopen it in sketchup and save again) so I have to double click and manually find the scene which is time consuming, messup the scale compare to the other scenes, etc…


…it drives me crazy, please help…

thanks folks…


First thing to say is you should update your profile.

Second thing is that plenty of people, including me, are able to run SU/LO on Mac satisfactorily most of the time. So that gives a clue to whether it is reasonable for your blood to boil.

It would help if you would upload something showing the problem to see if anyone else can reproduce it. That would narrow down the possibilities.