Layout scenes not working with viewports

I am having an issue with my new MacBook Pro (M1) 2022 version of sketchup layout. I open up an old layout file which already has plan views and 3D views or even create a new layout. When I select the viewport showing a 3d of the model and change it to another scene I have set the viewport won’t change. If I try and change the viewport manually within the layout viewport it just disappears altogether when I click out of the viewport. I have been using sketchup and layout for many years as a professional and have never come across this. I hope it is not an issue with my new M1 Mac. If anyone has any help I would really appreciate it.


Is it just your old files?

Could it be related to this?:

About those elevations that relied on the clipping bug - SketchUp - SketchUp Community

Hi, the old files were fine on my old Mac which ran sketchup 2021. The files open in 2022 on my new Mac fine but the viewports are really buggy for some reason Many issues with scaling and resetting the scene. I’ve never had issues going from an old version to a new version before but might well be an issue with 2022 so not sure if anyone else has experienced this? I hope it’s not an issue with my brand new Mac M1!