Viewports in Layout shifting unexpectedly

I have been having a problem with viewports in Layout shifting unexpectedly. I wrote to SU tech support and got this:

“We are seeing a bug in SketchUp 2023 where on some computers LayOut viewports are shifting when the viewport renders…you may want to consider reverting to SketchUp (and LayOut ) 2022 as that version did not seem to have this issue.”

I must be honest and say that this problem is a deal breaker for our firm. I have been working for a year now learning sketchup and layout and transitioning our work over to this format. Architecture layouts require a ton of notes and dimensions. We can’t do all this work multiple times because the viewports move unexpectedly.

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Are you using scenes on sketchup or just changing the views from layout?

Sadly it is a known bug. I have not bothered to upgrade to 2023 as I don’t want my work to become harder than it is.

Can you go back to 2022?

I’ve been using scenes, careful not to change the view. I returned to 2022, but it crashed several times before I coaxed it into working. I’m stable for now, but don’t trust the format. I’m in the middle of 2 big jobs, and can’t afford a time setback, so I’m crossing my fingers.

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Our firm is experiencing this layout viewport issue as well. We will likely move back to 2022 but would like to stay in the loop on any developments and fixes for the issue.

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I wonder when will the fix be released, we were told that this was already fixed and that it’s going to be released with the next update but this was 3 months ago. Trimble shouldn’t keep secrecy at least regarding this kind of things, it’s senseless.

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I’m having the same problem. I will also try to work on the 2022 version, but I hope the bug is resolved quickly. It has already happened 2x in the middle of a big job.

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Same issue here. Hope it’s fixed soon.

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Hey guys! Are you still having this problem?
I went back to version 2022, but I still have the problem. I can’t update the sketchup file and the viewports become disconfigured. It’s been a nightmare, weeks of lost work

I’ve been a fan of Layout since its inception, but this glitch may drive me and my firm to other options!
It defeats the whole purpose of Layout as a presentation medium when viewports shift every time you update the model. The best part of Layout has always been that, once you set up the presentation layout, you could just spend your time updating the model design. This glitch kills that workflow!
PLEASE make it a HIGH priority to get this glitch addressed ASAP.

Once again, Trimble shows its specific approach to customers, including business ones. What if someone just bought the 2023 version as the first release? Where can I get the earlier one, which in turn contains other bugs “commonly known” but not corrected for years. Trimble should learn from the little extension developers that make SU so popular. From the likes of Nathaniel who is constantly updating, correcting bugs and hearing the needs of his customers. Adding features because someone needs it. ONE MAN! Despite health problems, despite the prose of life… And here? “Yes, it’s a known problem… Please install a previous version where this problem SEEMS not to occur. We will fix it in the future.” There is such a tool in Sketchup - SandBox. I think the trimble programmers named it after their department because that’s how kids behave. Now I will paraphrase a well-known American documentary filmmaker: Shame on you Trimble. shame on you.

You actually need to revert to 2021…2022 version has the same issue. It’s somewhat random. I accidentally opened a template in 2022 and the 4 stacked viewports, 1 shifted….all from 1 reference that has all scenes aligned. Reverting the file back to 2021 and no issue. As I’ve said before, this fix should be the top priority since it’s affect can literally burn a project depending on when the shift occurs.

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Are you Nick Sonder, co-author of “Sketchup and Layout for Architecture” ? If so, I want to take this opportunity to say I am a big fan of your book. The process you use to make drawings is really sophisticated. I haven’t yet reached that level as a user, but the book really helped me organize my drawings more effectively.

It is disconcerting to hear that 2022 might have the same bug.


Thank you! Yes that’s me.

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thanks Sonder
I’ll try on 2021 version…I had the same problem when trying in 2022, I’m exhausted

Hopefully they get it sorted. It’s been 2 years now :(.

I tried with 2021 version and the same was happened
When I update the sketchup model, everything is distorted

Then you likely have something happening with the scenes in SU or you have modified the view in LO. 2021 never had the issue exhibited in 2022 and 2023.

Viewport shifting resolved with LO 2023.1

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