Can anyone confirm if they have fixed the issue that renders Layout unusable, ie viewport that change when upated

Does anyone know if they have fixed the issue with Layout Viewports in this issue.? New Icons are great, but an actual working version of Layout should be the priority here.
I inadvertently opened a drawing in Layout 2023, and have just spent 3 hours fixing the pages because of this issue.
I’m paying full price for half a program here, I’m hoping they put the focus on having a usable version of Layout over some new Icons.


After I hit Update model referance

Just the first page of my document, after I hit ‘Update model reference’.
All the viewports are off, some by a few mm, others by a couple of cm. This is a nightmare to work with.?

So can anyone confirm has this been fixed or have the developers been stuffing around making pretty icons instead of actually fixing this so the app is usable in a professional environment.?

The shifting viewport thing was fixed for the latest release of LayOut 2023.

Hi mate,

Long time no speak! Great looking designs. Sorry, I don’t have a solution, but Layout is precisely the reason why I can’t risk switching to 3D all the time, it is a painful program to use and I am always nervous of what it may throw at me. I find simple tasks like dimensioning and viewport scaling very irritating.

They really need to put major time and effort into developing it into something that compares with all of the Autodesk products.

I recently committed to this small variation design, 5 pages overall, and I was not confident with Layout the entire time, constantly asking myself whether I should have just used AutoCAD…

I’ll install and see how I go, thanks for the response.

Hey, hows it going, Cogent killing it… :slight_smile:
Sketch-up has limitations for the size of job it can comfortably handle, I only do small to medium industrial jobs with it, a medium size apartment block would be too much for it, it would grind to a halt trying to render that many components to the screen. I have tried, and it’s painful…

That cantilever is perfect for sketch-up. The Layout part of the program in the 2023 issue, had some major issues with viewpoints shifting, so leaders and overlays got corrupted. I use overlays all the time, so it was unusable, I reverted back to 2022. I’ll get IT to install the new update and see how I go…