Viewport rendering glitch in Layout 2023 after "updating" source file - or something I'm doing?

I switched to Layout 2023 this week and I can’t get the positions of my viewport to stay in place when I press the update source file button: It reverts to the centre of the original viewport. And it’s doing my head in. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ve recorded the same sequence in Layout 2022 and Layout 2023 for comparison.

I’ve checked the SU sourcefile and the camera location for that scene is saved, so it’s not that.

Can anyone help, please?
or is this a 2023 glitch?

TIA :pray:

I discovered the same glitch about 2 weeks ago and even submitted a bug report with my files. No response yet. ref:_00D4081l2._500Do3bpUl:ref

Very similar scenario. I use stacked viewports and instead of moving the viewports I was simply resizing them to hide some lines that weren’t necessary but needed to be on a separate layer. Whenever I updated they weren’t aligned anymore. This is not a small glitch.

I’ve reverted to using 2022 as it seems like the 2023 version didn’t get any QA testing before its release.

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Yes, I also went back to 2022 after terrible experiences with 2023 layout.

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@NickyC @edarchitect240,

Sorry that you have encountered this issue. We are working to fix this issue of the camera position being updated for perspective viewports even with preserve scale enabled. Once fixed, the camera position should be unchanged when you update a viewport with those specific settings (a perspective camera and preserve scale enabled).

A current workaround, though not ideal, is to dirty the camera position to ensure it doesn’t get updated when you update your source model.

An alternative workaround is to NOT save the camera position in the scene. That way, the position set by adjusting the viewport bounds won’t be reset when updating the model.

Again, we are working to quickly fix the problem so that these workarounds do not become permanent solutions.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

I am having the same issue, Something I have always done is not working properly and I spend a lot of time thinking it was me doing something wrong.

I set up two different scenes with different styles in Sketch up, and I can not get them to copy and paste to layout over each other correctly. this is something I would do seamlessly in the past.

Hi Adam,

Any update on this glitch?
I’d be keen to update to Layout 2023 if it can be fixed but am waiting for your say so.

Kind regards,

Hi @NickyC, we believe we have fixed this issue, and it should be available in the next release. Unfortunately, I cannot discuss how much longer you will need to wait for that release.