Views are Repositioning in Layout 2023 On Their Own

The views are losing their references and repositioning in Layout 2023.

Here is the view before updating the model:

Here is the view after updating the model.

We have to lock our views to keep this from happening, at which point the view
will no longer reference the sketchup model at all.

Why is this happening? How do we make this stop?
Any help would be appreciated.

View settings are:


Can you share the file? Otherwise it’s hard to know what’s going on.

Hi @1bigmig1,

This has been brought up in other forum posts, but there is currently a bug with the camera position being reset on model update with perspective cameras using the “preserve scale” feature. See this post for more info:


I thought it was already fixed, I usually don’t use perspective views on my layout documentation.

No. It’s not fixed.

This is causing me a lot of issues trying to deliver my final set of Construction Drawings.

I have updated to latest version this week and was hoping it would be fixed.

Is this getting the attention it deserves at HQ?

It is getting attention. The last release was for security updates, nothing more. Hopefully soon another release with come with the fix.

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