Model in Viewports Jumping

Hi All,

I’m experiencing this strange and serious issue with LayOut. I have a file that, when I update the model, or even re-link it the SketchUp model with the exact same model being used in the viewport, it makes everything Jump to a different location, which as you can imagine, screws up all of my notes and dimensions and clipping masks. This has happened with multiple LayOut files, and each time, what can be seen in the viewport is the same area of the model, meaning, it seems to keep jumping back to the same spot.

I have no idea what this could be. I’ve troubleshooted all of the axis to make sure nothing in the model was moved (even though I debunked this by opening the skp model from the viewport, saving it on my desktop and re-linking that exact file to the viewport, still same issue…).

See video below.
Drawing Reference Viewport Jumping

There is an issue with LO2023 that causes this. The developers are aware of it and working on a fix. Hopefully we’ll see that fix soon.

Is it that if something is made in 2023, and then opening with 2022? Or can you open it with 2023 and it not do that?

If you are using the 2020 version, you should not experience the issue that is affecting the 2023 version. If your profile is correct please upload the model so someone can figure out the root cause.