Viewport Shifting

I am experiencing a little “glitch” in my Layout scene updating. I have imported a scene into a viewport on a Layout page, set the limits of my viewport and everything looks great. The problem comes when I change the SU model and then update the scene, the viewport shifts to the left and down. I have to nudge it back to where the original was and it is not an accurate process. Am I missing a setting somewhere? Also, I have trouble getting the scenes on separate pages to line up with each other.
Any suggestions?

I wonder if this has something to do with the Grid Snap settings in Layout.

If you originally setup your viewport on a page with the grid snap turned off you’d be able to draw any size window you’d like, and it’s point of origin could be anywhere as well.

with grid snap turned on, maybe Layout is nudging your window to the nearest point on the grid—down and a little to the left ???

For aligning scenes across pages. . . (using Layouts drawing tools)… try drawing reference lines/marks to indicate the position of some common point in your scenes… horizon line, ground line, countertop line, roof line, etc.

Duplicate this page so that the reference line occurs in the same place across all pages in layout, and then go back over the pages and reassign the scenes, panning and adjusting as needed to align them with the reference marks you made.

Alternatively, look into some of the 3rd party ruler apps which are available…

if on a OS X ‘GuideLiner’ is a nice app which allows for rulers or guidelines to be set in place which work independently of other graphic programs and really aid in creating tight and precise page layouts (even across programs if needed).

On Windows OS I used to use an app called A Ruler for Windows.

It’s is more than a little shift to the nearest grid line. Grid snapping is turned on. It takes me at least three nudges (with the shift key pressed) up and over to get in the vicinity where the original viewport was.

This works great. Only I put the alignment mark on the basesheet layer and it gets shared on all pages. After aligning, I erase the mark as you said. Thanks

Still have problem with viewport shift. The last time it took over 10 large nudges in each direction to get viewport back close to original.

Are you creating scenes in SketchUp to link to viewports in LayOut?

Yes. I insert the scenes into the viewports and everything is fine. When I make a change in SU I update the scene and then save. Then I go into LO and update the reference. When the update is done, the elements that I changed in SU change in LO properly, but the entire viewport now jumps down and to the right. At that point, none of the dimensions or notations line up as before. I have to move the viewport and realign with my dimensions and notes. Note: None of the other viewports shift. Only the one that is open and in view.


Can you make and share a LayOut file that exhibits this? What sort of changes are you making in the SKP file?

Just simple changes - move a window here, move a sink there - nothing that should have any effect on the placement of the viewport. The process is working as it should - change in SU, update in LO. The changes are reflected in LO as they are supposed to - just the viewport shifts.

I don’t see that behavior in LayOut and evidently no one else who has responded has seen it either which is why I asked if you could post a LayOut file that exhibits this jumping business. Seeing an example would go a long way in helping you sort out the problem.

I know you asked for the file, however, that would require I send the SU file and the LO file. I am not prepared to do that. I will deal with the glitch until I stumble upon a solution. Thank you.

So does that mean this jumping viewport thing only shows in this one LO file and with the one SKP file? Or can you reproduce it in another file? I wasn’t specifically asking for the file you’re working on.

It has happened in the two projects that I am currently working on. I will set up a test file situation with SU and LO and if it occurs there, I will send both files.

I have now been able to verify that it is not the viewport that is shifting - it is the scene within the viewport. Now the shifting is down and to the left.

Hi pault728 you’re not alone in this situation. It’s kinda jarring I hope to get a fix soon

Are you still editing the camera position in the viewport in LO?

I solved the problem. It was in my workflow. Whenever I updated the model, instead of just clicking on the existing scene tab, seeing the changes and updating, I was creating a new scene and then updating. The camera positions did not exactly match therefore when I updated in LO, the scene “shifted.” The solution: don’t make a new scene when you make changes - just hit the existing screen tab and then update. The camera position will be the same and there will be no viewport shift.

Very good, Paul. Maybe that workflow will help giltora, too.

And as we’ve discussed, do not open the viewport and edit the camera position in LO.