Viewport troubles in Layout. The model inside the viewport shifs!

I am kind of new to Layout… I have all my pages set up in Layout and all seemed to be working fine but unfortunately my viewports go funny. The model shifts inside the viewport at random on pages I am NOT working on! So if I go back to see a page that I had completed I find a hot mess.

I believe I am doing all the right things by:

  • not altering the view in SU before updating the scene (otherwise if would result shifted in LO)

  • save the scene, save SU, go to LO and update the model (by right-clicking on viewport / update model reference). I have no issues with this process.

  • still in LO I adjust my viewport, place notes and dimensions, save and move on to the next page.

After working on the next page, following the same process, when I go back to the previous page the model has shifted inside the viewport. As a result I have to adjust the edges of the viewport, the dimensions (that sometimes go completely crazy and have to be redone completely) and all notes. This is driving me mad as you can imaging.

So now I am fixing one page at a time, saving, PDFing and moving on to the next page. When I look back to the previous page it is messed up again. ARGHHH!

What am I doing wrong? Is it me or it’s a bug? Is there a box that I am leaving unchecked somewhere in the deep meanders of LO settings…

Please help!!!

One question. Are you “double-clicking” on the viewport at some point (a known built-in gotcha)? I don’t think so from your description. Sounds weird.

It would be interesting to see your LayOut file to see if we can sort out what is making things go pear-shaped.

As Peter mentioned if you are changing the view in LO, you could be creating problems for yourself.

The layer (in LayOut) that the SketchUp model is sat on, is that set to set to Shared Layer?


No I am not. But I know what you mean, if you double click it takes you in to SU. I have in the past and just CTRL-Z it to come out of that and it worked, restoring my viewport as it was before double clicking.

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