Layout trouble

Hi! I have a problems with updating model reference in LO. I work in LO and go to SU to do some changes. I move around, zoom in and out and do my changes, and save my model. When I go back to LO to “update model reference” my model moves to another place on the sheet. If I have been drawing lines on the model in LO they stay in the same place but the model moves. So now I’m afraid to push “update model reference”, because if I have been doing a lot of work I’m afraid I’ll lose it, or have to re- make/do it. What am I doing wrong??

What you describe implies one of two things. Either you aren’t creating scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports in your LO document and instead you’re using Last saved SketchUp view for the viewport in LayOut or your scenes aren’t saving the Camera Location. I’ll guess it’s the first. The correct way to work is to create scenes in SketchUp so you have fixed views of your model. Then select those scenes for the viewports. If you do that then it doesn’t matter where you leave the camera when you go back to SketchUp to make modifications. Also make sure that your scenes do save the Camera Location so they are indeed fixed views of the model.

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Thanks for fast reply:) This seems like a good solution. I will try this. I’ll let you know the outcome.

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THANKS!!! This was a solution for many years of frustration! I’ve always thought this was a glitch, and been waiting for a update or something. DaveR you’re the hero for the day!! Coffetime:)


If the scenes are not saving camera position then viewport content will not move in Layout. If you are saving camera position to the scene, then what you see in your layout viewport will change/move, according to whatever zoom/pan position you have in your sketchup scene when updating that scene. You then need to update your scene without updating camera position if you have changes to the scene you want to update, yet you have been zooming in and about while doing those changes.