Looking for help/Guidance with updating a model in LO

I’m going attempt to describe my issue as best as I can without uploading an image. So Lets say I have a model in my Layout document. I’ve dimensioned my work and just about finalized it when I realized an issue in my model that cannot be fixed in LO. How can I make a change to the model then update the model changes to my layout document without having to re-do all my dimensions and stuff? I feel like the answer is simpler than I’m making the problem out to be.

You should be able to go back to the SketchUp file (you can’t modify the SketchUp model in LayOut, anyway) and make the changes. Save the changes and then go back to LO and update the reference. Right click on a viewport and choose Update Reference or, with the viewport selected, click the Update button in the upper right corner of the SketchUp Model panel. Assuming that your dimensions are correctly linked to the model, the dimensions will update when the viewport updates. Keep in mind if you have disconnected the viewport from the scene in SU or weren’t using scenes, you might create some problems. This is especially true if you are using the Last saved Sketchup view for the viewports.

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I stumbled on the fix before your reply! I did just that. Edited my model in SU then updated my model in LO. The result was the needed change to my model and corresponding change to the affected dimensions!