Updating layout after modifying a model

How can you update an existing layout after you modify the sketch-up model?

To update a single instance, right-click on model in Layout, click Update Model Reference.

To update every instance in the entire LayOut document, File>Document Setup>References then click on the SketchUp model you wish to update and hit the Update button near the bottom of the dialog.

That’s for Windows; I noticed on your profile that you’re on Mac, but maybe this will take you in the right direction.

“Single instance”? “Model”? Do you mean single viewport? You can update a single viewport if Auto-render is NOT enabled. Choosing Update Reference from the Context menu will update all viewports if Auto-render is on.

@najduch, be careful to avoid modifying viewports in LO. If a viewport shows as modified in the Scene list in the SketchUp Model window, it will be disconnected from the scene and any scene specific changes you might make in SketchUp will not be shown in the viewport.

Of course! Viewports is what I wanted. The Sages rescue my terminology once
again! And the Auto-Render thing I had forgotten too; thanks again.

As far as modifying viewports, I have no use for the LO orbit option; wish
they’d get rid of it. Unless, of course, there’s a field that uses it;
kitchen design definitely doesn’t.

For a quick one off orbiting in the viewport might be useful but in general it’s better to make camera adjustments in SketchUp and update the scene.

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Close SketchUp. Open model viewport in LO. Right-click, then select:

Changes then saved in SketchUp will automatically update in LO. Big time saver.

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