This has Probably been asked and answered, so I apologize now

I sent my draft back to SU to edit. added 3 posts, saved it. went back to LO and Updated Model Reference. and this happened. Sometimes I do this and it is fine others times something similar to this happens.

Torres-Anaheim Plot PLan.layout (143.2 KB)

Any help would be appreciated, Thank you.

The problem is that you didn’t create a scene in SketchUp before sending to LayOut the first time so the viewport is set to show the Last saved SketchUp view. When you went back to SketchUp to make changes, you changed the camera position so when the reference is updated in LayOut, of course the changed camera position is reflected in the viewport.

The correct workflow is to create scenes in SketchUp for the views of the model that you want to show in LayOut. Then you can go back to the SketchUp model to make any needed changes without worrying about changing the views. Unless you update the scene with a new camera position, things will work just fine.

Learning something new. Ok so before I send it to LO just create a scene and this will prevent it from happening.

Yes. Also make sure you don’t modify the scene in LayOut. If you double click on the viewport you can move the camera with Zoom, Orbit, and Pan. Don’t do that, though. It breaks the link between the scene and the viewport so if you select the scene again, the model will appear to move in the viewport and screw up your dimensions.

If you need to change the way the model fits in the bounds of the viewport, drag the edges or the corners. Set the scale if needed. Just don’t let the scene show as modified in the SketchUp Model panel.

Yes i have done that before as well. Thanks again for all the help. I will set that as a new step in my process. Learning as I go.

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That LO file that u down loaded last night. I noticed since the update the other day, That i have not been able to change the units of measurements under document set up. Well i can change them but they have no effect. seems to be stuck on fractions

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