I can't get my layout viewport to update the scene

I can’t get my layout file to up date the viewport. The SK model is updated and saved. If I send the SK model to layout again and it starts a new file it shows the correct updated scene. I already have 43 sheets done and don’t want to have to start over with a new layout file for such a small revision that I made in the SK model. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Share the LO file so we can see what you’ve got.

Typical causes: the LO reference isn’t linked to the model you’ve been editing or you’ve overridden the scene’s properties in LO.

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response.
SITKA SHOP.layout (3.6 MB)

Maybe you’d better share the edited SketchUp file, too.

I notice with a few of your viewports you’ve modified the Camera properties. Example:

Since you’ve overridden the scene’s Camera properties, selecting a different scene will use the same camera position. Changes you might make to the Camera properties to the scene in the SketchUp model also won’t be shown in LayOut.

Here’s an additional possible problem you create by modifying the scene’s Camera properties in LO.

This is another example of one you’ve modified.

When the Camera properties are reset in LO, some of your dimensions disappear entirely and some of them no longer make sense.

You should create a scene to show that part of the model and use it without modifying the Camera. That will save you a lot of problems as you move ahead with the project.

24’x28’.skp (2.3 MB)

So, if I click anything in the camera box it will disrupt the ability to update the viewports?

No, not “anything”. If you change the Standard View dropdown, or tick the Ortho box, you will modify the Camera properties. You can also do that by double clicking into the viewport to orbit, pan, or zoom the camera.
Changing ths scale for Parallel Projection scenes will not modify the Camera properties, nor will ticking the Preserve Scale box.

I would suggest you go through the viewports in the document, reset the Camera properties if the Reset button is displayed and add the appropriate scenes if they don’t already exist.

I’m still looking at your .skp file.

A few other things.

It wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from your files once in awhile. I did that with your model and got rid of this:
Screenshot - 4_9_2023 , 5_49_35 PM
That reduced the SketchUp file size by about 28%.

I also edited a couple of the remaining three styles to get rid of the sky so the associated viewports don’t print with the dark gray background.

Here is the LO file with the viewports reset and the purged version of the SketchUp file. You can right click on a viewport, choose Open with Sketchup and save the .skp file to replace yours if you wish. Or not. It’s up to you.
SITKA SHOP reset.layout (7.5 MB)

When I import a perspective scene into a layout view port sometimes they are way out of scale in the large way. I have been clicking ortho to rescale in a more round ratio then it is currently displayed in. What would be the correct way to make the scene fit the viewport?

Thank you so much for your time and patience. I am completely computer illiterate as you can probably tell! I can’t even type.

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If you want to stick with the perspective view of the model, drag the edges or corners of the viewport to resize it to fit on the page. In this case I dragged the top edge of theviewport down which makes the model smaller on the page without changing the width or the viewport so you can see the sides of the model. I held Alt while doing it so it would resize about the center of the viewport.

BTW, while I’m making unasked for suggestions, I’ll add another. Make separate layers in your LO file for things like labels and dimensions. That way if you need to you can lock the layer for the viewports and drag a selection window around the dimensions to edit them (font, size, style) in one go.

It must be working because I can read what you’re typing. :wink: I did notice that Sitka is spelled with a lower case s in the title block. Maybe that’s intentional?

No not intentional. Just better at carpentry then computers. Thanks again I really appreciate it! I might be able to get these dimensioned and spec’d out this afternoon!

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I successfully got the drawings off to the engineer. I have a few revisions to do in layout. I have already created the scenes I need but again layout won’t update the drawings.

I read your replies ten times but still can’t figure it out. I haven’t used layout(changed any camera) for at least 10 days.

When I open sketch up it opens a box that says warning. About some graphics card?

Send me the latest versions of the SketchUp and LayOut files.

Show us a screenshot of the message.


Here is what it says when I open up sketch up

24’x28’.skp (2.7 MB)

Hi JoshL -

Are you a TFG member? We have a monthly peer to peer Sketchup group that meets via Zoom. Topics vary depending on the folks attending.

If you want more information send me a message direct or inquire with TFG staff.


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That message indicates that a graphics card better than the integrated Intel GPU has been detected and it’s telling you that you’ll get better performance if you’d switch.

So I see your latested SketchUp file but not the latest LO file.

SITKA SHOP.layout (3.6 MB)