Layout not updating from saved SKP file (2018 version)

Using SKP Pro 2018 / Layout successfully for years, making construction documents from 3D models.
On a current project, viewports in Layout will not reflect changes made in SKP. I’ve been using the same workflow for years, then yesterday this problem arose. I’ve searched the forum and the issues addressed do not six the issue. The problem has shown up, then went away, and is now persisting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It’s hard to say for sure without seeing the LO file but there are two common reasons for this. The most likely is that you have modified the viewports away from the original scenes in the model. If you select a viewport and look at the SketchUp Model panel, does it show the scene as modified? Reselecting the scene should take care of that.

The other reason is that the reference to the SketchUp file in LO is no longer linked to the model you were editing. If that’s the case, relinking to the .skp file you edited should fix that.

Thanks for the quick reply!
The viewport & scene relationship are nearly identical.
From Layout if I open the SKP file by right clicking on the viewport the SKP files opens and reflects my recent updates. The SKP is saved and updated. I’ve tried relinking several times.

Nearly isn’t the same as identical. Do the scenes show as “modified” in the SketchUp Model panel in LO?

If the original (reference) .skp file is no longer linked to the LO file and you open the model from LO, you will open the embedded SketchUp file from the LayOut file and not the original reference file. If the original .skp file was moved at some point that would break the link to the reference or if you chose to unlink the file in the References list, you would only be working with the embedded version.


So…I just re-copied & pasted and existing viewport form the same reference SKP file, updated that viewport, selected the scene I wanted, and it worked. However, immediately previous to trying that I inserted the same SKP reference file and no scenes would show up - completely blank.
The reference SKP has not moved. I did move the Layout file previously, but have been using it without issue since.

Third time: In your original LO file does the scene show as “modified” in the SketchUp Model panel?

Sorry, no it does not read modified.

Can you share the LO file and the .skp file you’ve been editing?

Sure, sort of new to this - how to share with you?

Also…Now when I save the SKP reference file Layout updates that single scene automatically, without choosing to update it.

If it’s not too large you can simply upload it to the forum by dragging and dropping it into a reply. If it is more than about 10 Mb, upload it to Drop Box and share the link. If it contains client data or other stuff you don’t want out in the wild, send it to me via a private message by clicking on my name and then the Message button.

If you’ve opened the .skp file from LayOut, it will automatically update the LO file after you save the changes to the SketchUp file. That’s normal behavior.

OK - uploading to Dropbox now.
Thanks so much for your help - really stuck here.

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About an 85MB Layout file.

OK. I’ve got your file. I’m just getting started with a student but after that I’ll look at your file and see what I can see.

Ok. Sorry for the delay.

Here’s the references list from your file. I see 7 .skp files referenced. The first one shows as embedded so if you are editing the original of that one, LayOut won’t see the changes because it’s only looking at the embedded one included in the LO file itself. The others all show as missing on my end because the paths point to your computer and LayOut on my computer can’t find your computer. (Which is probably good.) You should look at those references on your end and see if they point to the actual files or if they show as missing.

What kind of edits were you making to the SketchUp model in question?

On a side note, there are a lot of edges and faces that have layers/tags assigned to them. All edges and faces should have Layer 0/Untagged assigned to them. Only groups and components should get layers/tags. This probably wouldn’t affect LO but could depending on what you have set up for layer/tag visibility in the scenes.
Screenshot - 4_15_2021 , 1_28_14 PM


Thanks so much. I’m not editing the embedded files. In fact, not even using them in the Layout file any longer. I’ll delete from the Layout file.

Gosh, at this point it would be a massive undertaking to find the edges / faces that are tagged and re-tag them.

The Layout is updating the now from the model I have open, but only from the viewports that I opened the SKP file from. (i.e. click on viewport, open file from there.) If I try to insert the same model into Layout from the ‘File’>'Insert ’ menu, it brings in an older version. The SKP file I’m editing saves and opens with my updates.

The file paths in Dave’s screenshot all point to hidden Appdata and Programdata folders. Have you been copy-pasting content into LayOut? Doing that will not create proper links to the original files.

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Use Purge in the References panel to get rid of them.

Only takes a few seconds with TIG’s Default Layer Geometry which is available from Sketchucation.

This and Anssii’s thing about copying and pasting from SU to LO indicate that the LO document isn’t looking at the original .skp files that you are editing. He has made an important point that I meant to bring up and forgot while I was poking at the .skp file I did open.

You should really only send the .skp file to the LO project once and you should never copy and paste from SU to LO.


Tried purging - embedded files still there.

Thanks for the TIG’s tip.

Regarding copy / paste, I’m never copying & pasting from SU to LO. I was copying a viewport in LO and pasting in LO.

That indicates that the files are still being used somewhere in the document. In this case the embedded .skp file is being used for a viewport on the first page although it doesn’t appear that the viewport is doing much good.

That’s good.

Oh ■■■■! That’s my cover page.
Sort of need to keep that one.