Update Model Reference Problems


Since I’ve updated to 2017 I’ve been having a problem with Layout:

when I edit a model in sketchup, save and go to update the viewport of that model (which is referring to a saved scene in Sketchup that HAS NOT been changed) the viewport view moves dramatically.

any suggestion to avoid this?


Yes. Use scenes in SketchUp and associate the viewports in LayOut to those scenes. Do not do anytihg to the viewports that make them show as modified in the SketchUp Model inspector window. That is, do not double click on the viewport to zoom, pan, or orbit the camera and make the view selections in SketchUp, not the SketchUp Model window in LayOut.

Noe of this is different in SU2017 than in and other version.


Hi Dave, the viewports have not been modified within layout. Any other thought?


Are you using scenes? How about sharing the LO file?


I am using scenes…what’s best way to share LO file with you?


Upload it here or in a private message if you don’t want to make it public…


file too big to upload, Dave how do I DM you on this forum? i’m an idiot and can’t find the link!


I sent you a PM.