Layout 2022 Not Downsaving after upgrade to Venture 13.2.1

Just updated to Venture on iMac 2021 running Sketchup Pro 2022. We downsave to 2020 for sharing with team (on the weekly), and never had any issues previously. After update though, using same process as before, it remains in 2022 format and colleagues cannot open in 2020 as they have been able to previously. We tried everything we could think of, and this is the only outstanding item that jumps out (update of OS). Most definitely seems to be a bug, unless someone has some super techy knowledge on the matter after the OS update.

Probably an OS related thing. SketchUp/LayOut 2022 doesn’t support Ventura.

There was a change in Ventura that has led to this issue in all versions of LayOut. The only work around for now is to do the Save As on Monterey or earlier macOS, or from a Windows machine. If you use a virtual machine, Parallels for example, you could do the Save As from there.

The problem only showed up in testing recently. It’s surprising nobody saw the issue sooner.

So glad I followed this link today. Was getting ready to update to Ventura. Will hold off a bit longer.

Much appreciated Colin! Went back to Monterey and all is well back in Layout land. A WARNING TO ALL, DON’T GO TO VENTURA :slight_smile:

Perhaps the warning should be to wait until the developers of the applications you depend on have a chance to update the applications AND TEST THEM before upgrading the operating system.


I’ll add, a general rule with macOS over the years (since they started releasing yearly, so… around 2005?) is not to upgrade until version X.2 or X.3 on a critical machine. Upgrading as soon as it releases will often bring you new stuff you don’t actually need and tiny bugs here and there you don’t actually want.
a LOT of small fixes here and there, including small tools and options announced but not implemented at start, a lot of bug fixes, life quality changes will arrive with updates 2 and 3.

Mac OS and Win are like Sketchup, old softwares that don’t have massive breakthrough anymore. It’s mostly cosmetic, and small optimisations here and there. The overwhelming majority of users could happily live on an n-1 or n-2 release. Few weeks ago I was on 10.13 and it still felt like home.
So when upgrading your OS, in addition to making sure ALL your softwares are compatible, bear in mind Treebeard’s words :

Don’t be hasty.