Layout crashing Vector Rendering

Hi All,

I’m having problems rendering a file in layout from raster to vector.

I’ve gone through some of the trouble shooting in help already, including ensuring that the auto raster is enabled, checking graphics card is being used correctly, purging my model (I’ve actually gutted it as much as I can by removing anything I don’t need for my layout concept drawing), restarted/shutdown the PC, etc.

To no avail - the model still won’t vector. I’ve used bigger SU models and normally have no problem. This particular file was initially created by an architect and converted from his ArchiCad model to a Sketchup model when he sent it over to me, and I wonder if this is where the problem lies, although I can’t understand why that would be the case.

Would love someone to assist - this is a real problem for this project and other than attempting to inaccurately trace over the whole raster model, which will create problems for my workflow down the line, I don’t have another workaround.

I wanted to attach the model but it will only allow 16mb - any way around this?

Many thanks

I should also mention that I’ve tried simple line styles in both SU model and layout - for example when setting scene I’ve used ‘Hidden Line’, and the same in Layout, but it hasn’t changed the result.

Upload to dropbox or similar and add the link here.

Thanks Box - link above

How about uploading the LayOut file, too?

Is LayOut actually crashing or is it just taking a long time to render? Showing “Not Responding”?

I expect the main problem with rendering in vector has to do with the plants. I’m still poking at the file but I noticed a lot of incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain untagged.
Screenshot - 7_9_2022 , 9_05_21 AM

I deleted the plants from the model, sent it to LayOut, and rendered the viewport in Vector. It took about 5 seconds. With the plants in the model I got the “Not Responding” message for quite awhile before I quit LayOut and started over.

There are a whole lot of edges in those plants that need to be processed during vector rendering. Either patience or different plant components are required. Seems to me that 2D plant components might make more sense here.

Hi Dave, thanks for the response. It was definitely crashing. Wish I’d thought of deleting the plants. Before you’d deleted them, was it crashing for you also?

No. It didn’t crash LayOut. It just went to Not Responding which means LayOut is busy and won’t repsond to further input until it finishes the current task.

That’s the link to the layout file

Well, I started it rendering in Vector. It hasn’t crashed LayOut but it’s showing “Not Responding” so far.

I went to refill my coffee cup and when I got back to my computer the render had completed.

Thanks Dave - was this without the plants or with?

Much appreciated mate - looks like you’ve solved my problem.

With your LO file I simply opened the file, selected the viewport, and changed the render type to Vector. I didn’t delete the plants or anything. They don’t end up showing in the Hidden Line/Vector render though. If that’s the way you want to show the viewport you could tag the plants and turn the tag off for that scene. As I mentioned, 2D plants might make more sense. Simple 2D plan views of the plants would render in Hidden Line and wouldn’t take a long time to do so.

Second that. The 3D ones just seem to create ugly black blobs of innumerable short lines. You could add a 2D component to the 3D one and use tags to select which part of the component to show.

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Yep, we usually use 2d blocks in layout for our trees. The 3d’s were leftover from a render that was done for the site.

I’ll delete those this morning when I get in and hopefully it all renders off.

Thanks again gentlemen, very helpful indeed.

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You could create / add to your 3D component a 2D plan view. You would need 2 additional tags, 1 for the 2D plant and 1 for the 3d. That way you could set your scenes to only display the 2D plant, preserving the 3d plants for raster renderings and SU presentation to your clients.

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