SU2021 Send to Layout?

2021, Classic License,

Any input on why sending a drawing to layout Im getting this? Not sure if the upload will work but all lines are heavily pixelated?

When you first send to LayOut the viewport will be rendered as Raster. Change that to Vector if you want. Vector rendering tends to take more time than Raster but it will give you crisper vector linework instead of pixelated raster linework. Might be worth doing a PDF export with the viewport rendered as Raster. It may still be crisp enough for your use and it’ll be faster to work with.

Where are the vector/raster selections? In SU? Or in Layout? Im just exporting drawing directly from SU to layout? Sorry

Select the viewport in LayOut and then look in the SketchUp Model panel.
Screenshot - 3_1_2024 , 12_41_49 PM

Might be a good idea to go through the LayOut tutorials at before you get in too deep.

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Note that Vector or Hybrid rendering is very slow for any but the smallest models.

Also check your display and output rendering resolution settings in File>Document setup>Rendering

Thanks Anssi (and Dave). I havent been in layout for a while as its rarely needed for me lately so I hadnt caught all the changes and while I dont want to sound lazy, as much as Im in layout, to spend hours going through tutorials is not a fruitful endeavor but again I apologize.

I had always just sent drawings to layout without a hitch and never saw/dealt with the vector/raster but it makes total sense with increasing model complexity. Switching it to vector and getting several pages done went without a hitch and Im already back from FedEx Office print with several 24x36 full size prints of all the pages ready for Monday.

Thanks a bunch.

Might be that you never zoomed in on a viewport or made it large enough to notice. LayOut has always made the first viewport Raster rendered since the first version.

At least you’re sorted now.

I find that highly doubtful Dave. Ive been running layout for years doing highly detailed exports, zoomed, sections, large and small models, and Ive honestly never once had to switch from Raster to Vector (Im running a cnc here so it would be a common issue). Im guessing some default has switched either on my end or on an upgrade that I was simply unaware of having not used Layout in a while. My work as moved away from presentation and submitting detailed drawings so Im not in layout nearly as much as I was.

Ive scanned back through dozens of muti-page massive and very tight submitted drawings and nothing ever defaulted to raster in the past which leads me to believe on an upgrade the default moved to remove lag or I inadvertently did something. I have no saved templates in Layout, simply picked ArchD (which may also be the issue) to default to a 24x36 print.

Regardless, toggling it to your recommendation saved the day.