Layout resolution

I have a question. When I have export my Sketchup model to Layout, in Layout it appears heavily pixelated. How come? and how do I fix this?

Info: the Sketchup model is basically an imported DWG wich I guess may have something to do with the issue(?)

If you imported the DWG rather than just included it as an image, it will have no bearing.

The usual reason for pixellation is the render setting. Are you using raster, Vector, or Hybrid?

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I import my DWG to Sketchup, then send to Layout, were it appears heavily pixelated. Doesnt seem logic to me.

Where do you mean I should include the DWG as an image?

All in vector

If you import a DWG normally, the ACAD lines become edges in SU and you effectively have an SU drawing for export to LO. That is as it should be.

If you have it rendered as vector, I am surprised you have poor resolution.

What about uploading your file so others can see if they get the same?

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Viewports (views of the SketchUp model) come into LayOut rendered as Raster. As Simon told you, change the render type to Vector or Hybrid and the lines will be rendered as vector lines.

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Check also your Display and Output quality settings in Document Setup>Paper. I always keep Display Quality at Low as it is the fastest setting but I set Output Quality to High to eliminate pixelation in my PDF output.

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Were do I change the render type to Vector or Hybrid in Layout?

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Awsome. For anyone else also to provide easy reply:

  1. In LayOut, right-click your imported sketchup model.
  2. In the menu popping up to > render model.
  3. Choose prefered render mode.

Also I must say it seems vierd that this is set to non vector from scratch. Who would ever wanna use rasterized in these contexts?

With large models (with many edges/faces) vector and hybrid render methods are very slow. So using Raster rendering with output resolution set to high is the most efficient method of achieving acceptable output. Note too that effects like textures, shadows, transparency, back edges etc, are not visible in vector mode. I try to limit my vector rendering use to cases where I really need vector output, like exports to DWG.

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As @Anssi says, it is all about rendering speed. Remember that SU/LO only uses a single thread (unlike high end rendering packages). It doesn’t much matter with a modest size drawing and a powerful computer, but it can become an issue in other cases. That is why veterans tend to keep everything as fast as possible whilst they work and only use more resource hungry rendering for output.

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why not import .dwg in LayOut, directly?

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Deffo with you here guys, got lost in my own work thinking here, only using layout for blueprint design

The DWG Ive tried to import comes into layout in total wrong size for the scale setup, but perhaps you have some tip fixing this (precise)?

See now also that the imported Sketchup model come into layout in the wrong size.

1m in my sketchup model turn out as app. 0,95m in layout

Can you share the .dwg?