Layout: Pixelation

Hello Friends, when I import SketchUp scenes into Layout they appear heavily pixelated. What is causing this? Monika

Normally LayOut displays textures at a lower resolution to help keep it working as fast as possible. Your viewport is rendered as Raster so edges are also pixellated. You can improve the appearance in LO by rendering the viewport as Hybrid so you get vector lines. When you export to PDF the quality should look better, too.

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It looks much better now, thanks DaveR.

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Good deal. By the way, your profile says you’re still using SketchUp 2021 but you show 2023. Please update that information.

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With the latest updates the low resolution was reduced to even lower and the medium quality is like the previous low, it you don’t have a lot of pages and viewports and want to keep the viewports rendered with raster mode you can increase the resolution on the preferences.

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I have updated my profile now, thanks.

I have noticed that changing to Hybrid has slowed down my model quite a bit, is there a way to speed it up again?

By the way, not sure how I achieved this window-in-window, any idea? I don’t know how to go back to a single window now.

Hybrid will do that. Especially with such a heavily detailed model. Either set the endering back to Raster while you work or set the Display rendering to Low quality. The reason your viewport was displayed as Raster in the beginning was to prevent the slow down.

Another thing that can help is to simplify the SketchUp file and reduce the amount of geometry that LayOut has to deal with while rendering the viewports.

It’s hard to say exactly from your screenshot but it looks like you’ve got two viewports stacked over each other. If you share the LO file we can poke at it and see if we can find something else.

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Also consider what is the goal of the drawings.

Are you designing textiles and patterns and detailed interiors and need all that detail in the curtains? Or are you doing general interopr design or architecture and can use a simplified curtain and still achieve your design goals?

Same goes for anything you might bring in from the 3d warehouse - not all components / products are made the same.


I’m just learning how to use Sketchup and Layout and have the same pixelated problem when I send my cabinet model from SU to LO - would you mind talking me through how to change the viewport from raster to hybrid?
Many thanks

Select the viewport and in the SketchUp Model panel click on the drop down where it says Raster and choose Vector.