Model quality looks worse in Layout after latest software update

After recently updating my SketchUp Pro software to Version 23.1.341, I have noticed a sizable decline in the quality of my model scene views when inserted into Layout. This quality issue was not the case with the previous version I was running. Has anyone else noticed this issue and know of a fix for it?

I have provided screen shots below of the scene in SketchUp verses that same scene after being inserted into Layout for reference.



Looks like you’re using Raster rendering and the display quality isn’t set to High. Try Hybrid rendering and then export to PDF and see how it looks.

BTW, please update your forum profile. It says you’re still using 2021.

Profile updated, thank you!

As far as raster vs hybrid rendering. Is this something new that has to be done since the update? I’m doing things just as I have before and didn’t have this issue previously.

No. This is not new. Hybrid rendering has been around since the first version of LayOut and has always made the viewports look cleaner and crisper.

To what do you have the Viewport Display Resolution set in Document Setup>Rendering?

Yes, I know hybrid has been around for awhile now. I just meant I’ve always opted with raster and the quality was not near this bad. I had it set to medium and now it’s on high and raster quality looks much better.

Just to note, this is the first time I’ve gone in Document Setup>Rendering to change the setting.

in Layout 23 they’ve lowered the quality of the defalut low (and medium?) qualities so raster images look more pixelated BUT are way lighter to work with.
on a single page - single viewport you won’t feel a difference, on a multi-page multi-viewport, you would.

yep, because though it retained the render “degree” you had (low, medium…) they technically created a new low (something like 10dpi instead of the old 30 dpi resolution)


Thank you, that makes sense. My machine seems to be fine working with the heavier setting so I’ll be sticking with that for quality reasons.

I do the same in my default templates, I rarely use layout and it’s usually 2-3 pages max. so it’s fine.

You’ll find the same behaviour in other layout softwares like indesign, where when you import files, they appear as low quality render.
again, it makes more sense in a big multi page setup :slight_smile:

I hear you there. I suppose with the latest update, it became far more noticeable and both myself and a colleague took notice and wanted to get it corrected.

DaveR has been so helpful. Thank You. Some settings are fairly easy to figure out some are more obscure unless a person does a lot of testing. Tips ive gotten in the past like style settings I would never have figured out on my own. Im sure there is more I could learn. Maybe Aaron or one of the guys doing the youtube stuff could cover some of it. Settings for creating a project to enhance speed and output settings for best quality. This seems to be a reoccurring topic.

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