Quality issues?!

Im unsure why this is happening, When I click on a sketchup scene in layout to change the camera view etc, the quality of the image is fantastic. When I click out of the scene to continue working on layout the quality of image vastly decreases.
Could anyone possibly help with this please?

I expect you have the viewport set to render as Raster, not Vector. When you double click in the viewport, you are temporarily looking at a vector render like you do in SketchUp. You can set the viewport to render as Vector or Hybrid and the lines will look better in the viewports.

Generally it is not a good idea to open the viewport to adjust the camera position. This leads to problems. Better workflow is to create scenes in SketchUp to use for the viewports. If you need to change the camera position later, do it in SketchUp, update the scene and save the changes. Then update the reference in LayOut.

Also note there is the Display resolution which is by default set to Medium. There’s also Output resolution which is set to Medium but can be set to High if desired.

I always set Display resolution to Low and Output resolution to High. I seem to get a noticeable increase in zooming speed with the Low setting. The High setting corresponds to 300 DPI so usually anything less will look a bit crappy on printouts.

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Thanks for your help. I have another quick question…

I have created a document with VPs, annotation etc all set to a3 size. Is it possible to scale up each page to a0 keeping the work in relative scale?
If so, i could then re adjust scales within VPs to reflect its new size?
does that make sense?

Thanks in advance

In understand your question. You can change the page size to A0 and resize the content. You’ll have to select the text boxes and change the font size–resizing the text boxes won’t affect the font size. You’ll need to deal with the SketchUp viewports manually as you change the scale in the SketchUp Model window. None of it is difficult but it might be tedious if you have a lot to do.

Going forward, you might be wise to start on the larger paper size. Then if it is needed on a smaller paper size, just print the PDF to fit.

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