Bad view or uneven lines

Do I have a setting wrong? In viewing my lines are edgy or choppy looking. they seem to get worse when I send over to layout. I just cant get a smooth line. When I click on design to move around the lines looks good but once I’ve clicked back off they go back to choppy look.

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From your brief description, it sounds like something related to Antialiasing. What version of SketchUp are you using? You profile doesn’t say. What is the graphics card?

hey thanks for responding, new to sketchup I’m using pro 17 and I believe my card is a NVIDIA Quadro Fx 1800

Look in Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Do you have any options to set AA to a higher setting?

yes I am currently set a 4x I can go as high as 32 but at 16 it says may slow down, whats your thoughts as to what I should set it at.

Try it and see what happens.

I set to 16 and it seemed to help in SU but in Layout it seems worse.

Are you rendering your viewports as Raster in LayOut? Try rendering in Vector or Hybrid.

Besides, that’s just the edit view. When you export as PDF you can use a higher quality render setting.

I’ve seen that before but now lost as to where to change that setting

Select the viewport and then make the setting in the SketchUp Model inspector window.

I cant find the viewport to make the setting

The viewport is the image of your SketchUp model in LayOut. Select it and the SketchUp Model inspector window will be active in the tray.

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got it thanks!