Strange jagged lines?


hey bought a new comp last week, been using sketchup on it and ive got some strange results…

PC specs are ;
BQ 24" 2560x1440 IPS
GTX 980 Ti 6gb (MSI)
Intel 5930k
The rest arnt important

Im getting odd jagged lines throughout sketchup which i never encountered on my old laptop with a GTX 580m.

Could somone please help me resolve this issue.
I have Hardwear acceleration on and Fast Feedback enabled.

Heres what it looks like…

The areas circled in red are the problem areas


and heres another


What does your chosen Anti-Alias setting say?

(And make sure in the Nvidia settings that SU uses your GTX)



how do i make sure Nvidia settings are the same as SU settings?
is there anyway to change my AA settings in SU?


You can select the one with the highest Anti-Alising in that list (4x ?) and restart SU to see the effect.


haha wow, i didn’t realize those where options to choose from, i thought they where stats… FIXED

thanks for that man,i feel mighty stupid right now :flushed: