Jagged lines on brand new computer

Hello all, I have a brand new alienware desktop with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti with 6GB GDDR5, 32 gb ram and Intel(R) Core™ i7-5960X (8-cores, 20MB Cache, Overclocked up to 4.0 GHz w/ Turbo Boost)… Very powerful stuff… But I keep getting these terrible lines in sketchup and overall feels like the graphics card is struggling while running large scenes. I have attached a picture of what it looks like and my setting because I am using the same settings I always have, and I have updated my drivers. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thanks

You can select the GPU to be used for SketchUp in the Nvidia settings, maybe it’s not used?

Also on the nVidia Control Panel, select “Let the 3D application decide” quality settings:


Thank you both for your reply, unfortunately that did not work :confused: Well I have the nvidia settings to let 3d application decide… As for your suggestion @Cotty I am not sure if there is any other way of forcing the gpu to be used for sketchup… any suggestions or any other suggestions?

Sorry, only a German screenshot…

@Barry: There shouldn’t be Google in the name for new versions?

@pdub33, I feel your pain. I’ve been trying on and off for weeks now to get Sketchup to utilize the installed nvidia gpu in a Dell precision. I’ve stated elsewhere that it’s not clear to me if this is a Windows, Intel, nvidia or Sketchup problem. I’ve bookmarked this and other similar threads in hopes of an eventual solution.

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In something of a “Duh” moment, I may have solved the problem at least in my case.
A simple right click on the Sketchup icon reveals a selection for using high performance video processor .


Interesting - I do not see that option when I right click on the shortcut.

What version of Windows is this? I am running Windows 10.

This is on a laptop running win 8.
I don’t see it either on a win 10 desktop. I think it’s all about battery savings.


I am running Win 10 on a laptop with the NVDIA GTX765m graphics card.

You will find the controls in the Manage 3D settings section in the Nvidia control panel. (here’s mine, it is from a desktop with only a Nvidia card, no Intel chip, Windows 7)


Interesting - mine does not have the “OpenGL rendering GPU” option.

I seem some slight delay when rendering some models (not all).

Thank you everyone again for the help!!

  1. I do not have the right click option from the sketchup icon

  2. In my manage 3d settings, the gpu is set right and I do not have the “opengl rendering” option in the nividia settings for sketchup I can only manage that in the sketchup preferences…

Rats… any other suggestions?

Sorry - there seems to be a slight difference between the control panel for GeForce and Quadro cards (The one I posted is from my desktop with an old QuadroFX. Here is the one from my ultrabook that has a GeForce card:

As said, SketchUp should be set to using the Nvidia graphics, as automatic selection doesn’t seem to work. The other controls should be set to Application-controlled where applicable.


Here is what I see in the NVIDIA Control Panel with Win 10

Notice the difference for #2