Sketchup with Vray plug-in rendering is only using CPU?!

i’m a total noob here but my brother wanted to render something using vray plugin on my machine
at the rendering the only thing that is being used is the CPU for 100% of it’s power and the GPU usage is absolutely 0% usage
how can i make it render on the GPU instead of the CPU?
also when rendering on CPU the core temperature goes to 70~73 Celsius is that normal or odd?

GPU: gtx 980ti
CPU: i7 6700k

You would probably get better information from Vray’s own forum but a very quick Google search turned up this page.

This post may be of interest.

Try to also set Vray to use your Nvidia GPU and not the integrated Intel graphics. If a choice does not appear by right-clicking the Vray icon, then open the Nvidia Control Panel, and make the setting there.

Here is another post with a screenshot of the Nvidia Control Panel:

RT render - This rendering type uses GPU. Real-Time rendering technology is relatively new in the market. GPU renderings resemble what we are used to seeing in computer gaming world. Vray uses this method for quick feedback and edits.

In the final rendering you use “production render” or just known as normal “render”. This uses CPU 100% for the rendering - at least for Vray.

In regards to your question, what you are seeing is considered normal.
Do some research elsewhere, and V-ray forum as Dave said.

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@josephkim626 hit the right point probably - @evilneo it sounds like you are Not rendering with V-Ray RT. Try using it and setting it to GPU Cuda. You are a windows machine correct?

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yes indeed,well gotta try the RT then
by the way i’ve heard some people saying that the RT doesn’t produce a quality pictures as good as the normal R type, based on your experience, is it true or is the difference appears only at features like different ways of lighting and such?

I think I already have answered most of you question. @evilneo
And the reason is for what you have heard.