New computer, how to maximize graphics quality

Hi all,

I finally have a new laptop after 8 years! I am wondering if there is a tutorial, or information elsewhere, on how to maximize a system’s CPU and GPU speed and image quality for SketchUp and Layout (including rendering with Podium for the time being.)

At this point I’m most interested in on-screen quality vs performance. Any help would be appreciated, as I have mostly not a clue of what any of the settings on the NVIDIA control panel mean.


You dont need to tweak too much…the defaults are fine for SketcHup and some of the tweaks can actually make things slower. If you’re jhaving specific problems then perhaps look int otweaking (but remember exactly what you changed, back up your settngs and make sure you can change them back to default).

Your GPU for SketchUp is set to the RTX2060, which is the most important thing - though you could change it from Auto Select, to make sure it chooses only that GPU.

If connecting to an external monitor, try Displayport or USB-C if available.

Other settings like FXAA (the softening effect that makes jagged pixel edges appear smoother) is probably the most important setting - in SketchUp you can leave tht to “let the applciation decide” and then change it within Sketchup’s Preferences menu (you probbaly at 4x as your default setting).

Back on the main NVidia settings menu you can change overall system settings from Emphasis Quality to Emphasise performance. Thats a useful thing to try out.

Most importantly though, you want to make sure your GPU Drivers are updated - get the latest drivers from the NVidia website and when installing, choose the option to perform a Clean install.


Thanks for the reply! I did as you suggested, and the graphics look way better than they ever did. I haven’t found yet any drop in performance even having kept the emphasis on quality.

Should I do likewise with LayOut, or are there some different settings for it given its nature?


No, no particular settings to change for LO.

Thank you!