Graphics Card Settings

My layout redering is quite slow. Just noticed these options on my Graphics card. Can anyone advise the best settings on all for optimum performance.

These are Sketchup Options :

These are Layout options :-1:

Graphics Card Spec is an AMD Radeon Pro WX3200

If you use Vector or Hybrid rendering in your viewports, they are processed almost entirely by the CPU. I don’t know about Raster rendering.
Generally SketchUp uses the default graphics card settings but it is good to check that the “real” graphics card is in use instead of the graphics integrated into your CPU.

Thanks Annsi for quick reply.

Thats interesting about the CPU.
I’ve given up on vector and hybrid rendering, its just to slow, I have persevered but its just to slow and time consuming. I would rather vector and hybrid for the quality.

HP technician advised that when required the high performance graphics card just kicks in.

I have got a HP Z book which is a performance machine and designed for use with Sketchup.

Have you tried with SketchUp 2021? The update brought some performance increases but not very drastic.
My work Zbook has Nvidia graphics. I have set it to use the Nvidia graphics with SketchUp - have had bad experiences previously with automatic selection. Better check in SketchUp (Window menu>Preferences>OpenGL>Graphics Card Details) what is actually being used.

What are the edge/face statistics of your model that feels slow with LayOut?

I will upgrade to 2021 later and see how that goes.

I’ve got no issues with Sketchup, runs as snooth as silk, its just layout.

I’ll check settings later I’m up against it at the moment.

Don’t even know what edge/face statistics are, how do I check these.

It’s not not one specific model, its on all my models, even simple ones, it quite regulaly crashes in layout.

In layout while working and having snap setting turned on is very juddery.

One layout file won’t even open which is a bit worrying, fortunately its not a critical file but if it was it would be a serious problem for me and my client.

At one point it was so slow I created pdf screen shots in Sketchup and imported them into Autocad LT but the drawings became to large so I reverted back to Layout.

Menu - Window/Model info/Statistics.

Ensure you choose Entire model, and check the box to Show nested components.

Thanks John :+1:

Thanks for your help :+1: