Windows 10 Layout settings

Does anyone have a good setup for their Layout on Windows 10? My Layout is incredibly slow, but apparently I’m clueless on setting up Windows to accommodate various programs’ needs…

I heard something about going into Settings>Display>Graphic Settings and changing the graphics performance preferences to include Layout.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

My specs:

Operating System
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
AMD Ryzen Threadripper 16 core

R221Q (1920x1080@60Hz)
LG Ultra HD (3840x2160@60Hz)
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti


Open SketchUp (with LayOut closed.)

Go to Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Graphic Card Details
Does it list “Nvidai Corporation” as the Vendor ?
… and “GeForce RTX 2080/PCIe/SSE2” (or similar) as the Renderer ?
(It will also list the driver version in use.)

If so … check Use Fast Feedback.
And if you wish faster graphics you can reduce the anti-aliasing.
(Later on if you want output with better anti-aliasing, you can set it higher temporarily.)

Restart SketchUp to see changes take affect.

If SketchUp is running on an integrated AMD GPU, then use the Nvidia Control Panel to setup a application profile for SketchUp.exe to run on the “High Performance Nvidia GPU”.

I did the steps you wrote, but don’t notice anything different. I didn’t mention it before, but I’ve been getting this ghosting effect from moving imported images, but it goes away when I zoom. Not a deal-breaker, but annoying.

I tried to adjust the Nvidia settings for Layou and Sketchup, but can’t tell if anything changed…

In Nvidia Control Panel, settings for SketchUp you might try changing the Power management modes. Some cards have issues with some settings.

i have similar graphics card RTX 2080 super and also get the blue ghosting, which as you say goes away on a screen redraw/zoom or move. Kinda annoying. Always loath to mess with the settings in case it does some damage elsewhere. Maybe a newer driver might fix when its available?

I just updated the driver yesterday to the most recent version… But I did notice my Illustrator crashing more.

I reached out to SketchUp tech support and they basically referred me to the forums (here!) Which tells me there is no fix for this stuff…! But I have been looking at older posts about this and it seems like these Layout problems started with version 2017. What was different about that release that is causing these issues?

I have a 4K monitor and had the display settings at 225% zoom, but I changed it to 200% and it seems to have helped a little bit. But we’ll see once I use like this for awhile.

Example of how slow deleting is in my Layout. Not a complete deal breaker, but annoying during a hopefully speedier workflow…

Max display scaling in SU is 150 %.

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@RLGL What does this mean? Where do you change this scaling setting?

Max display scaling in SU is 150 %.

This is a windows setting, go to settings >system > display > scale and layout.

I have mine set to 200%. Are you saying that Sketchup/Layout will only only function properly at 150%?

Yes. And it says so officially on the Hardware and Software Requirements page … viz:

High DPI Support
SketchUp is DPI aware and can adjust the sizes of Icons and drawing elements so they are sized correctly for High DPI screens. Icons are sized when SketchUp starts up. If you adjust your DPI or scaling (Microsoft Windows – but only up to 150%) you will need to restart SketchUp to see correctly sized Icons and drawing elements.

FYI, Display Scaling (Windows) is known as Scaled Resolution on MacOS.

Several users (including myself) have seen issues with external displays plugged into certain kinds of video ports. If you are having issues with a certain display, try a better cable or a different kind of port. For example, if having issues with a display plugged in a HDMI port, and you have a Display Port (mini or regular) available, try that. Or a USB Type 3 port, etc.

Shows basically

  • The Graphics pipeline was overhauled.
  • OpenGL 3.0 minimum is required.
  • Hardware acceleration is required. (No more software rendering support.)
  • Additional display scaling for High DPI displays is now also done in the model viewport.

For more specifics, see the actual Release Notes.

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@DanRathbun thanks for your responses, helpful as always. I tried to set it to 150% but it’s a 4K monitor which makes everything tiny and hard on my eyes. I need it to be 200%. Also, I didn’t notice any performance gains with everything set to 150%.

Well, if your eyes are the bottleneck (as is for me), you might end up setting the display setting to a lower resolution and set the scale below 150…

Why not get a monitor that will tolerate the lower screen resolution?