Old Sketchup user, new Layout user

Hey guys/girls,

After a decade (or more!) of using Sketchup I decided it’s probably about time to get stuck into Layout and get to grips with it. First on the agenda is setting up new title sheets, however my first impressions are that Layout is frankly unbearably slow - and that’s just when trying to place the company logo; I don’t have anything else imported/drawn yet!

Surely this can’t be right? Even something as simple as zooming in is a chore.

I have a pretty powerful workstation (dual xeon/64gb ram/quadro M4000) so highly doubt hardware is the issue. I am convinced I am doing something wrong, or there’s a setting that I’m missing? Please let it be.

Any pointers are much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


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Add layOut to the programs being used by the Graphic Card.
Right click on the desktop and choose NVIDIA control panel, 3D-settings, programs, and add LayOut.

Thanks for the quick reply; have done this but no change; still very slow.

Are there any sub-settings in the nvidia control panel that I need to activate/deactivate?

nah, are the drivers up-to-date?
Typically, did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the (downloaded) installer file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’?
This takes care of many problems. If not sure, you can do it now and choose ‘repair’

Yes it was installed as admin; has to be owing to network settings. Sketchup works just fine; always has.

Layout can be slow, but shouldn’t be so slow with what you have unless that logo is a huge file?
If it’s going to be a small logo on the page I would first scale it down in PS, save a low res copy and then import that.

Just curious…is it strictly the zooming you are asking about?
I ask because that is a known issue with some remedies all its own.


Doesn’t sounds like a LayOut problem. I’ve been working in LayOut nearly every day for the past 4 months. The only real performance hog is switching from Raster to Vector rendering when a model is inserted. All other graphics and linework should be fine. Feel free to upload the LayOut file and we can take a look to rule out the content you’re working with.

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