Layout heavy lag - need help

Major lag issues in layout with viewports

  • very simple models, 3 edges 0 faces

  • 10 sec lag to resize a viewport

  • 2 sec lag to select anything on the page

  • higher end machine, gtx 960 nvidia

  • gpu and cpu are not taxed.

  • closed all other programs just in case, no change.

  • raster setting, with auto rendering unchecked.

I can upload a video if that helps, this has made working with layout infuriating and I’m actively researching alternatives despite being a sketchup user for 15 years.

Tips for troubleshooting? I watch TSE’s videos and he has no lag with huge models, and despite mining his channels for every bit of advice, nothing is changing this issue. Again, the model has 3 small boxes (all the models have this issue but i’m trouble shooting with a test model to ensure it’s not the SU model that causes it).

Thank you all in advance for your help.

Letting us try the same file might be worth trying. If it’s something about the file, we should see the same issues.

Crisis aborted. After a deep dive on the reddit sketchup forum i found a suggestion to update the graphics drivers, which worked.

Thank you for looking into it, wish I had done this six months ago lol.