Threadripper 3 + RTX 2080 Ti, lagging with a relatively small project

I have a 2D layout project that is relatively small (the skp file is 11.4 MB). As I’m adding more colors to it and whatnot, I’m getting a fair amount of lag. I mean lag as in hang-time between actions, not necessarily low frame rates.

Resource usage is very low, nothing is anywhere near maxed out.

I’m running a Threadripper 3960X (24C/48T), RTX 2080 Ti, 64GB with the project reading from an NVMe SSD.

Any idea if I might be missing a setting that’s causing me to lag?

Are you able to share the Layout file?

How many faces and edges in the SketchUp file? (Window menu>Model Info>Statistics, check the Show nested components box). When the count runs in millions SketchUp will slow down whatever your computer specs. Do you have imported high-polygon entourage components (trees, cars, people)?

Unfortunately no.

It’s showing 111,465 edges and 3,744 faces. No imported high-polygon components, all drawn with basic Sketchup tools.

Could you update your profile? Make doesn’t let you use LayOut, so there is also a chance you’re using a version later than 2017.

If you are using LayOut 2020, there are existing issues that could show symptoms similar to what you’re describing. If you have 2019 available, can you do a comparison test?

My profile is up to date. I am not using Layout, I don’t like that app. I find Make to be far easier to work with for 2D layouts, personally. So that’s what I’m using - Make 2017.

Ha! I was totally confused by your “I have a 2D layout project”, and your subsequent message about not being able to share the LayOut file.

If it is then just SketchUp, look at Edge Style and see of Profiles is selected. That can slow things down a lot.

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Good call! I did have profiles selected. Quite a bit faster now, thanks!