Sketchup running very slowly

Hi everyone,

I have recently opened up sketchup again and for some reason everything that I open it runs very slowly, with a delay, and an incredible amount of lag. The file that I work with isn’t large, at is 15mb and has 110 edges. I am running an i7, ssd and a gtx 1050ti on my laptop so there should be no problem with that. What do you think could be causing this, any ideas?

Thanks everyone in advance.

Any huge load (cpu or memory) running in the task manager while this is happening?

I only have chrome open and autocad, however, this happens without autocad running as well

What do you see when you turn on “Show nested components” on the statistics page. 110 edges don’t take 15Mb so I guess that your model is in reality much heavier, probably you are using high-poly components.

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Where can I find “show nested components” ?
I am still learning about sketch-up

Window menu>Model Info>Statistics

(on the desktop version)


Okay, wow I had 2 million edges when I opened that