Layout Not Responding on double click of viewport

When I double click on a viewport, accidentally or otherwise, LayOut (2021) becomes unresponsive. Anyone else experiencing the same situation?

I haven’t had any problems like that. Do you have Enable SketchUp model editing enabled?

Screenshot - 3_31_2021 , 4_46_13 PM

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Thank you, Dave. Yes, I did have it enabled, I guess by default. I was trying to use LayOut for a work project for the first time in years and was beginning to regret my decision. This revelation makes that choice a little less regrettable.

By default that option should be disabled to prevent you from accidentally opening the viewport to zoom, orbit, and pan. If it gets changed at some point though it remains changed. Since making those sorts of changes to the viewports creates problems, I think it’s wise to leave it disabled.

So as for the not responding thing, is the model huge or highly detailed? Maybe the not responding message is coming up while LO accesses the SU file.

Yeah, it has a lot of detail in it. I think some better model organization and optimization would have been in order with this one. I thought that it was going to be a good project to practice my chops in LayOut. Turns out it was a more detailed project that I had anticipated. Oh well, live and learn. I got it done and I look forward to trying it out again on a better organized and optimized model when no one is knocking down my door looking for drawings days before it is even possible to make them. :wink:

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Would that be a RAM issue, potentially, making it become unresponsive when double clicking the viewport and launching SketchUp inside of LayOut (usually with at least one version of SU running on the machine already)? It may be a good excuse to get more RAM for my machine, finally. I went with 16GB when I purchase the machine thinking that I would eventually upgrade. Maybe this is the time? And can you explain this to my wife? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It could be a RAM issue. It could also be a graphics card RAM issue although with what you list in your profile, I wouldn’t think that’s the case. If you’d like I’d happily give you permission to add more RAM to your computer. Tell your wife it’s doctor’s orders. I’m not a doctor but I play one on TV. :crazy_face: