Giving up on Layout - too slow

Hi guys, I’m really sad on today because it’s been 5 years I use sketchup more and more and until now I am using it 100% of time for business. I LOVE Sketchup.
But, Layout is so slow and laggy that I can’t continu like this, to much time loss…
I’ve read every subject about it and tried everything and still no solution. I speak French and no help found that I can clearly understand.
So today, I’m going back to Autocad, wishing the problem will be solve eventually.

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Curious … I was on an Apple (Apple Pro desktop) and had issues with Layout being very slow. I switched to a Windows machine for rendering capabilities. Surprise, I found Layout was just fine.

Are you on an Apple?


Apple user and was just yesterday yelling at Layout. Such a laggy, slow nightmare. I really don’t understand the problem. But you are not the only one struggling. Have moved back in some ways to AutoCAD because it’s so slow but I am going to try the split up the Sketchup Models to very small chunks and do multiple Layout files handling smaller amounts of data. It’s a horrible solution, but perhaps that will help keep the lag down.

I’m on windows an I feel Layout is slow. It’s not a mac exclusive issue.

Now… Going back to AutoCAD? That hurts!

I agree, not a Mac specific issue.

I’ve managed to speed mine up a bit today by changing the Layout Display quality to Low.


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Neither you nor the OP say which Mac product you are using nor how highly specced it is. Having just moved to a new iMac, I can say that LO performance is not much affected by the GPU or CPU but it does seem to be affected by how much RAM you have. I now have 24Mb. Also, @MichaelSiggers has found that changing screen resolution also speeds things up.

None of this is to deny that LO could do with some some serious reworking. The fact that some here seem to be so frustrated that they are reverting to AC Paperspace is areal indictment. Workarounds such as the ones suggested here should not be the accepted standard but just a temporary stopgap until things are put right.


Yes I am. But switching is not a solution for me. If Layout is not compatible with Apple, then seller should tell

Honestly, I didn’t think specs mattered since it is certainly a software problem. But since details like this seem to matter to people here you go.

I started on a Mac Pro (2013 Trashcan). 3.7 Ghz Quad Core Xeon. It has the AMD Firepro D500 3GB GPU. Not much to be talked about but given that Sketchup is CPU driven and not GPU driven graphics cards don’t matter so much. I upgraded the RAM to 64 GB of DDR3. Layout struggled heavily on this machine, much like the OP talks about. I’m very careful with layers and groups and am a stickler for clean and efficient models as well as breaking up models into smaller files to bring into Layout to simplify. This still had no effect on the performance.

I then converted to a 2019 Macbook Pro. 2.3 GHz 8 core Intel Core i9 with 16 GB DDR4 ram running a Razer Core Chroma X external GPU Case with a ASUS AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU card. This is perhaps as good a setup as you can find save the iMac Pro or the unicorn called the 2019 Mac Pro. Layout performance has not improved between the two platforms. The more complex the model the more the performance of Layout suffers.

My comment to the OP was really to chime in with some banging of trash can lids to keep this issue at the top of Trimble’s list of things to do in the very near future. For me this is the real issue. Matt Donley of Mastersketchup did a great video (Matt Donley see 4:24 timestamp) on the controversy surrounding the move to sub only licensing recently and I think his explanation of that “reality” is really the backbone of this issue. In my estimation, no amount of tweaking on the user side is going to make Layout perform like a professional platform when the developer, for well described reasons in that video, has no incentive to improve it. Therefore, the only way to help make it important is to foment constant noise on the subject until it reaches the top of the list out of sheer frustration on Trimble’s part at constantly being challenged about it. Nagging works right?


Let’s hope so.

Moving to a subscription service is a double edged sword. It means more revenue for Trimble but that in turn will drive an expectation of more in return from them. If it gets seen as simply a milking exercise or just to follow an industry trend, people are likely to vote with their feet. I guess the proof will be in the pudding after November.

Well said LLavebrooks,
As I’ve said several times in other threads, Trimble does apparently need additional incentive to improve LayOut. Because it “sells” as part of SketchUp Pro, it isn’t really subject to much direct feedback from the market. Most of us love SketchUp, so we will keep buying SU Pro, hence LayOut just comes along for the ride, without having to improve much. If LayOut had to sell out on its own, I suspect it would crash and burn quickly.
If we are going to continue to buy SketchUp Pro, all it seems we can do is to continue to offer our feedback about the urgent need to improve LayOut.

I’m hoping it’s that expectation from customers that will ultimately be an uncontrollable fire. Nothing like unmet expectations to enflame passions and generate exciting verbal communication. I wonder if Trimble is ready for that other side of the double edge…

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I’ve posted a couple times (and had a few conversations with Colin) about LO2020 performance. I use a completely maxed out 2019 MacBook Pro w/Catalina. The LO performance issue is NOT the hardware. Something was changed when they re-wrote LO2020, and it seems to have everything to do with the way layout treats the SketchUp objects in viewports.
I am able to move, without lag, any and all graphics (dimensions, text, shapes, etc…) as long as they are not on top of a viewport. Anything that lives on top of a viewport in LO (essentially EVERYTHING for me) lags to the point of being unusable when moved when Object Snap is on. Hide the viewport(s), and everything is fine. Turn off Object Snap, and everything is fine. Unfortunately I NEED object snap on (and viewports visible) almost all the time.
Here’s the thing: LO2019 works beautifully on the same MacBook Pro! I have reverted all of my active project files to SU2019 / LO2019 until this issue is resolved. I will NEVER go back to AutoCad / ArchiCad!

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Interesting thoughts here. Glad to see someone has the same platform as me and is struggling. I had not seen that the viewports were the cause, but like you, hiding viewports and not having object snap on is a non-starter for me. Unfortunately I don’t own 2019. I upgraded from 2018 and going back to that is also something I don’t want to do for various reasons.

Was there any talk with Colin about fixing this issue?

I wouldn’t be as disappointed if LO2019 hadn’t worked well for me. TBH, if versions previous to LO2020 hadn’t worked well, I would probably still be using ArchiCad. But now I am stuck. Every project I’ve done for the past 4 years has been produced exclusively with SU / LO. It was shocking to use LO2020 for the first time and see the performance soooooooooo much worse.

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Totally get it. Been desperately trying to get away from AutoCAD because so many things are just so much better in Sketchup and even Layout. But you can’t make money on slow performance. It just kills productivity.

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I’m not giving up hope yet. I believe there are enough people with this “complaint” that it has to be addressed sooner than later. In the meantime, it’ll be SU2019 / LO1029 for me!

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