Layout file working dreadfully slow

Hello All,
I’m not here to cry a little bit about Layout being too slow - typically it has plenty of speed for me to work along just fine - occasionally it gives me a moment to think.
However recently I had a bit of a catastrophe with what DaveR called “a perfect storm” that left my Layout File unable to open (see Having trouble opening a Layout file from 8 days ago). DaveR (an angel in my book) worked me through my problem (bless his heart) and all is well after upgrading to Sk 2021 and updating my iMac. But since that crash that particular file has gone to pot. There is a significant delay between every move in the drawing. Zoom moves jump from one view to a significant magnification with the smallest moves(and a lot of lag), lettering lags behind continually and ever operation is followed by a lengthy spinning wheel (it makes me feel like I’m spinning my wheels).
So I’m looking to see if there is any procedure that I can perform on the file that will bring her back to life. I can share the file if anybody thinks its necessary - DaveR already has it - or I guess had it.

And one more question if you all would humor me.
Recently in some of my Layout files I am getting a new Sketchup file that has the same name as the Sketchup model that I am working with except that it has a _208 following it. It appears in my Finder in the folder that I have that jobs work stored in and it appears in my Document Setup in my Layout file. It has been a couple of weeks since I have had it happen (on a different project that I was working on at the time) but as I best recall it took over as the model that all my viewports were derived from - not positive on that - its been a busy couple of weeks. Can you guys tell me what thats all about and what it is that I am doing that creates that file.

Thanks in advance for your help you guys are the greatest.


Hi @Sherryts,

Without being able to see the file, I have one guess as to what’s happening: there may be a stray SketchUp model viewport that has entirely lost its associated .skp model - internal and external. This may lead to LayOut mistakenly constantly attempting to redraw that viewport. If you have your page inspector set to thumbnail mode, try switching it to list mode or closing it entirely while you look through your document to find the rogue viewport. Do that by ctrl+A on each page and seeing if any of the selected items are blank areas or if there’s a big grey box with a red X through it with an error message written on it.

Good luck,

Hello Adam,
Thanks for your help. I went through the drawings and did the control A trick. There was only one drawing that was missing a a link and that was just a vicinity map - and I could see the grey x’d out window before the cont. A trick but I did go back and relink it. DaveR has me cleaning up all my 3d Warehouse imports - and I typically have many - so it seems like the drawing is starting to come to life again. I’ll keep working on it and get it back to full speed.

Any idea what the model’s that have the _208 following them might be. They concern me because I am not importing those models - they just appear.
Thanks again so much for your input - you guys are just the greatest!!

Hi Sherry,

Are you copying and pasting from SketchUp to LayOut? Are you bringing in scrapbook items that are SketchUp objects?

Hi Dave,
You know I think on this project I did copy and paste from other project Sketchup Model’s. I had the same problem in a project that is in its initial design and I’ll have to go back and see if I did the same thing on that one. I’m guessing that that is a no no - import the model to the current layout and bring the details in on viewports is what I’m should be doing? gather the details from the model and copy and paste them to the scrapbook and then they will be in the scrapbook in the new model? So much to learn!! Let me know if those are the correct methods. Does the scrapbook continue to grow and move from one Layout file to the next without any prompting?
Thanks again so much for all the help everybody!!!

It’s not a great workflow although it’s less problematic than it used to be because in the latest versions LayOut automatically embeds the file instead of referring to a file in a temporary folder which will be deleted at some point. Because it’s embedded in LO it will no longer be looking at the original SketchUp model file. Changes you might make to that original .skp file won’t come over to the LO file. Best would be to just insert the .skp file into the LO project in the correct way and maintain the reference link.

Scrapbooks in LayOut are similar to Local material, component, and style collections in SketchUp. They are things that can be available to use in any LO file later. If you have SketchUp files that have scenes you’ll use in future LO projects, you could make a scrapbook with those scenes and then drag them in when you want them. Look at the curved arrows scrapbook page as an example. It is a collection of SketchUp viewports distributed on a page. There are reference .skp files for each arrow.

If you make your own scrapboook page(s) using SketchUp your SketchUp file, I would suggest unlinking the .skp file after inserting it so that LO won’t go looking for the original version of it when it opens.

The Scrapbook is not tied to any one LayOut project file. Again, it’s a collection of things that are available to use in any LayOut project. You can add things to the scrapbook or make new scrapbook pages at any time but nothing gets added in without you doing it.