Strange behavior in Layout 2020

When I want to draw anything at all…Or when I want to move a something…I have to zoom in or out before it shows what I have done (see video)…I think it’s an error in the software…I have a new laptop with all the right specs…and it works very well with Sketchup…even with a large and heavy project…does anyone have the same problem?

I can’t get your video to run but I haven’t seen anything like you describe.

Did you install SketchUp and LayOut correctly? Did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator? Did you check to see than your Nvidia GPU is the one actually set to display SketchUp and LayOut?

I removed and installed it twice…uhm…how do I set the GPU? hahaha
If you copy paste the link you should be able to watch the video?

Using Run as administrator?

Right click in empty space on the desktop and choose Nvidia Control Panel. Look in Manage 3D Settings>Program Settings.

Copying and pasting the link takes me to my own Drop Box account. I suspect you need to change the permissions to make it visible.

Nvidia…found…changed settings…or tried to do so :grinning:…no change
I wil remove and install again tomorrow…I’m in the Netherlands…and it is in the middel of the night…have to work in a few hours…is t possible to send the video another way? I need help…because I have a deadline hahaha…very frustrating…stupid Sketchup…sometimes I hate it :rofl: :joy: