Layout not using my Nvidia graphic card but instead uses Intel integrated

I am finding working with Layout a bit slow. So I checked task manager to see if something was overloaded. And then I saw that the Nvidia grapic driver was at 0%. I have tried setting the nvidia settings to use Nvidia with layout. But still it does not work.

Has anyone else had this problem and know of a solution for this?

Right click on your desktop and open the Nvidia Control Panel. Under Manage 3D Settings, add LayOut to the list of programs.

You should make sure that SketchUp, too, is set to use the Nvidia card in the Nvidia control panel 3D application settings. I don’t think that a separate setting for LayOut is needed.

LayOut is often slower than SketchUp, especially if you have many views on your page, and if they use Vector or Hybrid rendering

Already done this but still when using Layout it does not seem to use it at all. 0% drain on the GPU.

This might be the case. As my major use of layout is that I get a .PDF file from a customer with a floorplan. This is then edited to be a .DFX file so that I can import this into sketchup pro. Where I then “clean up” the drawing for use in layout where I add my type of descriptions etc.

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