Layout freezes when loading documents

Hello everybody!
I recently installed SketchUp Pro 2016 , 64 bit and it’s behaving very strange.
If I insert a .SKP 2015 file it freezes when I try to save it.
tried it with a Sketchup Make file same thing ! It even freezes when I open the Document Setup window on both cases.
If I want to open a layout file from 2015, it shows me the dialog box for an older version, I click ok, than Document Setup windows pops out, blank in all rows and it freezes there.
Tried going back to 2015 but now it does the same thing!
I reinstalled windows, 8,1, I updated my graphic card driver, quadro 4000, same thing!
last thing i tried was unchecking the hardware acceleration/OpenGL. Nothing !
anybody has any idea why I get this ?

Check your GPU windows settings and make sure both sketchup and layout are being handled by the GPU.

Rightclick on your desktop and go to nvidia or ati settings.

If you don’t see Sketchup AND Layout on the 3D applications list, that’s probably your issue.

Thanks JQL, but they are both handled by the GPU !

try updating the video driver and if this doesn’t help you may want try if the SU x32 version fixes the issue.

Thank you Sketch3d_de, tried both options in 2016 and 2015 versions and didn’t work !