Layout crashing



Layout keeps crashing any time I’m saving a document or when I’m copying/pasting objects from a layout document to another one.
I’m working on Google Sketchup Pro 8.
Have you got any solution for it ?

Thank you,

try if disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” helps.

Is that in Sketchup or Layout I should do that ?

in SU but has influence on LO too.

Ok I’ve just done it.
Now I’ve got to wait and see whether it still crashes.

Thanks for your help.

It just crashed again.
I was copy/pasting stuff from a layout doc. to another one when it happened.

Would you have any idea how to fix that pls ?

What is the full version number that you are running ?
Help > About SketchUp…

There were some copy & paste fixes done for Maintenance Release 2.

Have you updated to the latest MR 5 ?

  • Win 8.0.16846
  • Mac 8.0.16845

non-English language builds have higher numbers.

And also have you read this ?:
SketchUp Help: Understanding the June 1, 2015 changes that affect SketchUp 2013 and SketchUp 8

The version I’m running is 8.0.16846 and it’s a french one.

I’ve just read that “SketchUp Help” subject but I don’t know what to do with it ?

You have 3 choices, either upgrade to a newer version (preferably 2014 or higher,) …

… or replace the “SketchUp.dat” file as explained in this article:

… or use an external browser from now on to manually download 3DW models and EW extensions, and then manually move them into your component collections, and manually install plugins.

Thanks for your reply.

I replaced the sketchup.dat file.

I don’t use any external components, the ones I use are those that I created and added manually.

I’m not too sure that will solve the problem as I had it ever since I got SketchUp (early 2014).

Still the same, keeps crashing - nothing has changed…
Is there any bug fix solution or something that I should download to get rid of those problems ?

check if this problem happens with LO of the recent SUP version 2015 too, if not: upgrade… besides your used OS is not supported any more.

Be sure your .NET Framework version 4.0, is up to date with all updates. (Windows Update)

Google sold SketchUp to Trimble Navigation just prior to SketchUp 8M5. That was last release of v8.

After this, SketchUp (and SketchUp Pro w/ Layout,) were switched to a yearly release cycle, along with Subscription Maintenance Licensing.

So there will not be any more updates, nor bug fixes for SketchUp v8, nor SketchUp 2013, nor SketchUp 2014.