Layout crashes

This only happens to this one sketch-Up model in my LayOut 2018 but works fine with other layouts. I can perform cut and copy routines but cannot do the paste routine. It just hangs and crashes. Can’t even create any new view ports or paste anything!

I tried these cut, copy, and paste routines on different layouts with no problem so I guess this layout is problematic or corrupted unless anyone knows of a fix?

I’ve seen similar reports in the past and the cause has been tracked to some component brought in from the 3D Warehouse. Does your SketchUp model have components from the Warehouse? You might try first purging the file of unused stuff and if that doesn’t work, try removing components from the Warehouse to see if the behavior changes.

Nothing from the 3D warehouse other than the 2D man purged already and the problem still exists.

Have you created any components or groups that might be troublesome? How big is the SketchUp file?

Are you making sure to prevent viewports from showing modified scenes? Are you actually creating scenes in SU to use for the viewports in LO?

Are you inserting the same SketchUp file more than once? Look at the references for the file. How many SKP references are there?

15.6 MB for Sketch-Up 2018 model
I think all components are fine! Cut, copy, and paste does fine in Sketch-Up but not in Layout for the same model.
Let me know if you need to see the Sketch-Up file.

Also what about the layout file? It’s 15.2 MB

I’d love to see the LayOut file. The SketchUp file would come with it. At that size, though, you’d need to use DropBox to share it. If you don’t want to share it publicly, send me the link via a private message.

I am a heavy user of Layers and Scenes in Sketch-Up with most of the view ports in layout set up to view top, left, right, and back views with a few ISO views. I’ll check if I have any “Modified” in my Layout

OK I’ll see if I can do the DropBox thing

Most of us could probably stand to diet a bit but that shouldn’t affect LayOut. :smiley:

I’ll wait for your link.

DaveR (file://LAPTOP-KGN59LOH/Users/cmgri/Dropbox/DaveR)

That didn’t work. You need to upload the file and then share it.

Unable to upload saying max file size is 3072 KB.

Are you uploading to Drop Box or trying to upload directly to the forum? The forum limit is 3Mb which is why I suggested uploading to DropBox.

It is already in the DropBox of which I gave you the link… let me retry

That link isn’t right for sharing a file uploaded to DropBox.

How do you create a link as I am unable to create it again with a new folder for you

DaveR2 (file://LAPTOP-KGN59LOH/Users/cmgri/Dropbox/DaveR2)

Hope this link works and I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at it!

Once you get the file uploaded to DropBox, you should find a Share button.

When you click on the Share button a window will open. There’ll be a place to click for Copy Link.

Paste that link.