Layout Crashing When Clicking on a Sheet

My layout file keeps crashing when selecting one of the 10 or so sheets in my file. The problem occurs when selecting just one of my sheets. The other sheets work just fine. In the past, I have had to delete the sheet and start over. Other than starting the sheet over, does anyone know how to solve this issue?

What’s on that sheet that isn’t on any of the others?

A different floor plan view is all. Same size as two others on different sheets. Layout pauses and then crashes before the sheet loads up. No bug splat, just shuts down. This happens on many of our files in the office and on many different machines.

Is there some component from the 3D Warehouse shown in that viewport that isn’t shown in the others? I’ve seen some cases where LO will crash due to a bad component in the SketchUp model.

Dave, I was able to get the sheet to open after turning off all the components in the view. Thanks for the suggestion. It will take some time to identify which component is causing the issue. Have you had the same problem in the past with components?

I haven’t had the problem in my own files but I’ve seen it in files done by others. I had their files to troubleshoot because they were getting the crashing, too. That previous experience is why I asked about components from the 3DWH. Did you delete the components from the model or just turn off their layer(s)? What sort of components were visible in the scene when it was crashing LO?

I simply turned off the layers. The components included some kitchen, bathroom, and mechanical equipment. When I turn the layer back on and update the scene, then update the reference the layout crashes again. This has to be the issue.

I hope it isn’t because it’s too much information in one view because I have a lot more modeling to do.

I expect it’s due to one or two components. You might try turning off one layer at a time to try to narrow down the component(s) that are causing the issue. In the case of the files I was troubleshooting, the offenders were kitchen appliance components. If I had your LO file, those would be the first components I’d look at.

I have identified the component to be HVAC equipment. Thanks for the input.

Good deal.

FWIW, if you aren’t already doing this, it’s a good idea when bringing components in from the 3DWH to first put them into a separate file to inspect them and make sure they are suitable. If needed, edit them to eliminate unneeded details or materials and otherwise simplify them. Also, since it seems to be a common problem, correct face orientation in the component. Then copy the component and paste it into your main model. This will help to reduce file bloat and you’re less likely to have issues with the component down the road.

Many components that are uploaded to the 3D Warehouse by the various companies seem to be created from their manufacturing CAD files. I’ve seen gas range components that had all the internal stuff modeled. Not only the racks but all the gas plumbing, valves, regulators, enclosures for electronics, holes for screws and rivets, etc. You could just about reverse engineer the thing and build one in your garage from the details in the SketchUp model. Obviously if you are using a component like that for a kitchen layout, you don’t need any of that stuff and the client certainly won’t care if it’s in there or not.

Hopefully you can track down the offending component and clean it up so you can show the HVAC stuff in your document.

Thanks. Yes, I have seen an unbelievable amount of detail in some of the models. Way too much for me. I’ve narrowed it down to one component. The odd thing is the HVAC component tends to work fine in the other views on different sheets and only throws a fit on that one floor plan view. We’ve solved the problem for this one however I suspect the problem will persist in the future. Regardless, this insight offers hope for the future.

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