Layout Crashing all the time


I am new to SketchUp and Layout, did all the training and I am feeling confident with my knowledge to do some SketchUp and Layout work but I am running into a wall with LayOut with my first real life project, I had no problem at all while doing all the Trimble training but now LayOut is crashing constantly with this project. Might there be an issue with files downloaded from 3D warehouse? I don’t have a lot, but since I am new don’t even know where to start troubleshooting. My file has almost 2 million edges, it’s a simple kitchen with some sections and stools, tables, appliances, etc.

Using an Apple Studio N2 Max
64GB Memory
Sonoma 14.2.1
SketUp Pro 2023 23.1.341
LayOut 2023 23.1.341


Is it crashing or are you just getting the Not Responding message?

Absolutely likely.

That’s crazy but typical when using excessively detailed components from the 3D Warehouse. You are giving LayOut a ton of work to do. Without seeing the LayOut file it’s hard to say exactly but my guess is your model can be reduced and simplified a great deal and that will help performance in both SketchUp and LayOut.

Thanks Dave,

I am trying to simplify the project, to see if it helps, I still get a lot of errors in layout, I guess hiding the upbeat in Sketch up won’t help and I need to remove them and purge. Is that the case?


What’s “the upbeat”?

You should purge unused content but most likely you also need to simplify the other components and probably reduce the file size. If you share the .skp file we can give you more specific guidance.

Sorry, that was a typo. I meant hiding the 3D warehouse model.

I can’t upload the file because is larger than 16 MB.

Upload to Drop Box and share the link

Here’s the link to SketchUp and LayOut files, I can’t get the Floor Plan to open in Layout, and Layout is not crashing in the sense of the application closing down, but I get the spiining wheel and apllication not responding in mac so I have to quit out of it.

Thanks so much!

You need to make the file available.

That indicates LAyOut is busy working, not crashing.

It takes so long I assumed it was a crash, 10-15 of wheel spinning, thenks for letting me know!

Well, based on what you told us of the SketchUp model maybe you need to take the dog for a walk. Or clean up the model file.

LOL, I just took the dog out for a walk so I guess I need to start purging. Were you able to open the file?

You haven’t make the file accessible.

Please try this link

The plants in the the dining room are ridiculously bloated. Most likely that’s a large part of the slowdown.

After deleting and purging unused from the file.
Screenshot - 3_30_2024 , 8_30_02 PM

There are other elements that are excessively detailed like the the range. Are the labels on the knobs really all that important? They probably aren’t adding anything useful to your story and could go.

Your LO file so bloated that it won’t open for me. Try starting a new file with this one. Find a different plant component that won’t kill your model.
Bungalow Kitchen_Option_ purged.skp (15.6 MB)

Thanks so much Dave! I am new to SketchUp and Layout and figured out this was the problem but did not know how to check each model once they were in SketchUP, Is there a way to slect a model inside the project to know how many polygons it has.

I guess my home work is to sart with small files and slowly start handling bifgger files so I can figure out what my system can handle.

I would appreciate any othe tips and I am certainly super grateful for your help getting me out of this mess!


It’s not really about working up to bigger files, it is about working with a level of detail that is appropriate for what you are working with.
Take the Range as an example, it is probably ideal if you are doing close up detail renders of various parts of it as some sort of product review, but if the model is all about the whole house then the range can basically be a box with an image on it. Actually, looking now at the image dave showed, it’s kinda half and half, too much detailed geometry for a simple model but not smooth and detailed enough for close ups. This is the sort of thing you need to look at when downloading stuff from the warehouse. Load things into a blank model space and check them out before adding them to your model. Are they too detailed, badly made, incorrectly tagged, are there huge textures for tiny things, etc etc. Surprisingly not everything in the warehouse has been made by a skilled modeller, and quite often not even made in sketchup. Be very very selective, Choose wisely, as they say.

Even something as simple as the number of segments used in a circle can make a huge difference. You might bump it up from the default 24 to 48 for something you want to look smoother relatively close up, but start making door knobs like that and you start to bloat. Every edge and face counts, and when you start doing multiples, like the aforementioned door knobs it can add up quickly. That goes further for 3d plants, look at how complex they become.
So, keep a budget of entities in mind and work within it. How large that budget is depends on the perceived complexity of the model and what your computer can cope with. If you are modelling machine parts for working drawings then bolts should be detailed and have threads (although even then you can often get away with just rings), but those door knobs we mentioned before shouldn’t have threaded screws attaching them to all the doors in your house.
Textures/Images are another resource hog, sometimes you find an image and think it will make a nice black sort of shiny colour for your door knobs, so you sample the image and paint away, only to find that the image was 5000 pixels square and it draining the life from your model.
All this thing eventually come naturally, but check/think/choose as you go.

Thanks Box, I’ll definetly start working more frugal with my models!