Layout becomes unresponsive when I switch to Vector

I am really fighting with Layout. I have spent the past day and half in rainbow wheel. I went back purged any other unused things in Sketchup and still I cannot switch my drawings to vector without the program becoming unresponsive. It still is showing my hidden guidelines even though it’s not clicked on and then I went back and individually deleted them.
When I went tried to thicken my walls with will not let me color over the floor plan layout it goes underneath it.
Is there any trick to work around these problems? The file is not that large to be causing it to crash at any movement or adjustments

Can you share the LO file so we can see what you are working with?

Here is my sketchup link if that helps.

Looks like a lot of heavy components in the model that will take awhile to render. I started cleaning the SketchUp model a bit to see if that will help. First thing I did is fix incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 11_12_2020 , 6_33_28 PM

I’m running CleanUp3 but it’s got a while to go.

The SketchUp file is included in the LayOut file.

This maybe a dumb questions but what is adding to all the heavy components? Is it all the things brought in from the warehouse?

Typically that’s where the “weight” comes from. Excessive geometry in furniture and other components is common. Best practice is always to insert the component into a separate file to examine it and strip it of unneeded detail before adding it to your model.

FWIW the ~ in the file name for the SketchUp file indicates that one is the backup file. It should not be the one linked to your LO file.

oh well that has been the current one I have been accessing.
You’re suggesting that I have another blank sketchup file to open side by side to filter out excess components from warehouse before adding it to the model I am working on? I just want to be sure. I am new to this program but my professor was stumped why it kept crashing.

Yes. Open them in the other file to examine and clean them up before putting them into the main project file.

It appears that you have three references to the same SketchUp model file. How are you adding viewports in the the LO project?

I just recently renamed the main file before it was floor plan 4. The file that layout is referencing should be the current up to date SU file renamed Alton Floor Plan. It kept crashing and I had like a 4 backs of everything it was confusing so I renamed it.

It looks like you’ve inserted the same SketchUp file several times into the LO file. This has created 3 references which create problems in several ways including file bloat.

I sent it to layout instead of inserting it because every time I inserted it would show ever guide line that was ever created even though that feature had been checked off and I went back and deleted the guides individually. So then I started copy and pasting into the current layout file because it wouldn’t show the lines.

You shouldn’t be sending a SketchUp file more than once. After you get the file sent to LO you should be copying the viewport and select the appropriate scene for the new viewport.

It was glitching and wouldn’t show me the correct scene in layout so that was my work around. And if it did I had to manipulate it so much with it rainbow wheeling every so often it was more time consuming. But that is good to know going forward.

Except for the floor plan view in the LO file, the other views don’t exist as scenes

I’m in the process of fixing your LO file. Currently I’ve removed all but one SketchUp model reference which has reduced the LO file size by more than 76%.

I’m not sure why you want wireframe for the plan style since it shows a lot of unneeded detail (and also adds to the render time) but so far I’ve left that. I see a number of things I would change about your model to lighten it up but I don’t know if you want to do that.

I am open to suggestions. I am learning this program so any information can help me in the future.

Here’s an example of components causing file bloat. As nice as these shades look, they are overkill as far as entity counts. Note Entity Info on the right side.

You could strip the sink of the manufacturer’s name and logo and replace the texture used on the faucet with a simple gray color since those things aren’t going to show unless you zoom in tightly on the sink.

There are lots of places where you can lighten up the model. Even doing small things like removing the screw heads and other small details on the espresso maker will help. The rolled towels in the bath are fairly heavy in the geometry department and they could probably also be painted white or light gray and still make their point.

In addition to those lights in the kitchen, those plants were killing your model. I removed them just so the computer doesn’t have to work so hard.

FIXED Cover and persepctives cleaned.layout (14.5 MB)

Thank you!
I opened it and tried to change to just another page and I got rainbow wheel and layout became unresponsive and I had to force quit. Should I just download Sketchup & Layout 2019 instead?