LAYOUT won't open? Can anyone help?

I’ve been using layout and sketch up for most of the day and they’ve been working fine. I’ve come to convert from raster to hybrid to smooth the lines and it became slow. it worked but it was admittedly slow. It then crashed and I cannot open the file back up again. I’ve tried shutting down and reopening but the same problem occurs. can anyone help?

not much to go on… perhaps you could share the file?

So I’ve just tried uploading the file and its saying it’s too big. Which I’m guessing may be the problem when converting from sketch up to layout?
Sorry I’m really new to this…

Upload the file to Drop Box and share the link.

I just looked at a LayOut file for someone else. They were having problems with it. I opened the SketchUp file and purged unused stuff which reduced the LO file by more than 83% and made things start behaving.

I’ve literally just done the same thing myself and so far so good. Each view is still taking around 20mins to render mind!

How much of a file size reduction did you get?

I bet you have loads of plant components from the 3D Warehouse that are very “heavy” and require a lot of rendering power. If that’s the case you might give some consideration to simplifying the components so your computer doesn’t have so much work to do.

Im not sure. I used the clean up add on and it came up with hundreds of thousands of erased elements! And yeah you’re right about the plants! Turns out I had inserted ferns that were really high on the polygons. Deleted them (all seven!) and exchanged for something else. The amount of edges in the entire model went from 5.5million to 1.4!

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That should help. Unless you need to show the plants in perspective views, you might consider using 2D plants or maybe even just textures. A while back I helped someone with a similar situation. They had added a nice looking hedge component to their model which brought SketchUp and LayOut to their knees. Gazillions of edges and faces. Since they were only using it in 2D views, I used elevation and plan view png exports of the hedge to make textures that were applied to a simple box. It worked fine and only had 17 entities. (I deleted the bottom face because it wasn’t useful.) It actually didn’t look bad in 3D unless you zoomed in close to it.

Anyway, you may be able to find ways simplify the components in your models.

when you say simplify the components do you mean replacing them with ones with less polygons?

Yes. That’s a huge part of it. Sometimes those plants from the 3D Warehouse come with relatively huge, hi res texture images, too. That can be another place where the file gets bloated. Liability without benefit.