Layout Not responding at all

Layout is just spinning…forever.
What’s wrong now?


Are you trying to open a new or a saved file?

Impossible to tell without more information. If it’s a LayOut file that is not responding, share it so we can see what you are working with.

Are you still using SketchUp 2020?

Version 23.0.418

Update your forum profile, then.

And share the LayOut file and give us something useful to make it possible for us to help you.

Max size 16…won’t load it for you

Upload it to WE Transfer or DropBox and share the link.

Alright. So I see your viewports all set to render as Hybrid. Hybrid rendering is time consuming and while they are being rendered LayOut won’t repsond to other inputs from you. Many of the viewports could be left to render as Raster or Vector without an problem and that would speed things up. If you are going back and forth between the SketchUp models and LayOut ou could leave the viewports rendered as Raster util you are basically done or turn off Auto Render and manually render the viewports as needed.

I looked at a couple of the SketchUp files. I see incorrect tag usage and unused content. Cleaning up the Sketchup files would help improve performance in both SketchUp and LayOut. As an example, this is from the Site Plan model.

All edges and faces should be untagged. Only groups and components should get tags.
Screenshot - 8_29_2023 , 9_37_42 AM
There are ahige number of unused components, materials, and styles, too.
Screenshot - 8_29_2023 , 9_38_30 AM
Purging the unused stuff reduced the file size of the .skp by 69%. You LO file references seven different SketchUp files. I expect they could also use a similar clean up.

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How do I untag faces and edges?

Dave, I have been spinning for hours.
I can’t advance the drawings at all - stuck on a drawing in the set

What now?

I cleaned up items in the Inspector but still stuck

I use a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Tag Geometry. You can get it at no charge and use it to go through your models. Keep in mind it’ll probably make things worse initially because you’ve gotten so deep with tagging geometry. You’ll need to make sure you are using groups and components for the geometry and then apply the tags to that.

I guess I woud quit LayOut to close the file, clean up the SketchUp models, then open the LayOut file and, before updating the references, change the render type for all viewports to Raster and turn off Auto Render. Then, in Document Setup>References, update each SketchUp reference file. After you’ve done that go through and render each viewport. Look at each of them critically and decide which ones really need to be rendered as Hybrid and which can remain as Raster or be rendered as Vector.

It’s not going to be real fast proocess but it should get you moving forward. This is of those things where using the right workflow from the beginning would have paid big dividends. That means keeping your SketchUp models clean and light. And in LO, not over-burdening your computer by making it process stuff it doesn’t need to.

What does this mean? What Inspector?

In Reference - Document setup

Sketchup clean and tight -
How do I untag faces and edges?
I purged components already


I told you already. Use the plugin I listed in my reply.

Dave: I’m in some serious trouble here. Can you walk me thru what I need to do. I need to print today for the GC

I’ve already walked you through what you need to do. Follow the steps I listed.

I just don’t understand this program.
When I begin a new drawing, what the heck do I need to do untag edges and faces to begin with??

It would maybe be a good idea to spend some time learning how to it works and how to use it. There’s a bunch of tutorials at as a place to start.

Untagged should always be left as active. The pencil icon should be left at Untagged in the Tags panel.
Screenshot - 8_29_2023 , 10_58_23 AM

As you are modeling, make sure to use groups and component. Give them tags as needed but leave the geometry inside the groups and components untagged.

If you are importing CAD line work into your SketchUp model, the best thing to do is run the plugin I referred to to untag all of the geometry. Then as before, make groups or components to contain the geometry and tag those groups and components.

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