Layout Not Responding SOS

Trying to get a decent looking image of my floor plan from sketchup in Layout. When I switch from raster to vector or hybrid it immediately says not responding and just sits. I left it alone for 30 minutes and still does nothing. Layout has always been super super slow for me but this is bad. Any suggestions on how to get it to work or how to get a good looking floor plan from sketchup?

I expect the model is highly detailed? Are there a bunch of heavy components from the 3D Warehouse? You might start by going back to the SketchUp model and purging unused stuff from it. Also make sure you turn off tags for things that aren’t visible in the viewport.

I’ve purged my model. Yes there are many components as this is a large model. What do you mean tags?

If those models are of things like, plants, upholstered furniture, and other things that have a lot of geometry, you will just need to be patient because those things require a lot of rendering power and time.

Are you using tags in your SketchUp model to control visibility?

No tags. My question is if layout says “not responding” in the top left corner is it rendering?